Chris Bennett

Darkest Before Dawn

Pentecost 2022 will see The Holy Spirit Fire fall on the “Upper Room Remnant,” known as the Remnant Church, and bring revival to the world.

Hard Choices

Let this warning act as a call to My people to repentance and to prayer.

Contending for Breakthrough

I am looking for those who will contend wherever they find themselves, quietly, maybe silently, pleading with Me for the souls of men.

Trump is Coming Back

I can say with total certainty that God is in control and that Donald Trump is His choice for this coming season.

The Church is Dead

Where I am allowed to do so, I am raising up a new vibrant church to lead My people into a revival-led Golden Age.

The Spiritual Maelstrom

A bombshell of both confusion and violence is about to erupt in the centers of Satanic influence – Washington DC, London, and Rome — as he fights to retain control of his empire.

The Soft Gospel

Much user inclusiveness and seeker friendliness have been meted out to the lost in our efforts to ‘win some at all costs’!

Power Usurped

Stand firm – I am not about to desert my people who stand and remain standing.