Carolyn “Charismata” Weaver

The Day I Danced Out of Church

Maybe you’ll find yourself dancing out of some pyramid one day to a healthy family cell outside of traditional structure or maybe you’ll find your family cells within more of a structured environment.

Living the Free Life

When we begin to truly understand who we are in Christ, who He has created us to be, then we begin to rule. We begin to reign.


How many different denominations, sects, little kingdoms do we have to have because men want to rule their own little world?

Burial Plots to Rose Beds

Previous friends promised they’d be family and never leave, but when the path had gotten rough, they left me and my husband to walk it alone.

Not as Advertised

It only makes things harder if each criticizes the other because we are both just trying to help each other get down the river. 

Forgiveness or Judgement

It’s totally right to be offended at evil, and it’s total right to take action against evil. I just don’t hold on to it. 

In My Messy Conversations

I‘m pretty sure we are meant to defend the defenseless, stand up for righteousness and justice, set people free.

Love Bootcamp

Love is patient.  It’s patient with me, and all my mess-ups, brokenness, and heartache.  But it also asks me to love others patiently.

Don’t Miss the Sunrises

I have a tendency to always be looking to what’s not completely healed, what’s still broken or incomplete.

Just Be Bread

God rewards us with more responsibility to help more people. 

New Beginnings

Over the years, I’ve learned that even when words may feel imminent, they have a process.

Come and Drink

The words on the paper page came into focus again.  “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. 

A Crisis of Goodness

Our hope and trust is in God, who is good, who is love, whose throne is built on justice and righteousness. 

The Flood

The best choice is leaning back into the waters — entrusting my life and those I love into the hands of God, who loves me and will work everything out for my good.

Light in the Night

On the darkest night, at the moment when all hope seemed lost, a cry of joy cracked open the heavens.

The Power of a Word

Isn’t it wild how God can use such a simple word to bring revelation, identity, and freedom?

The Lighthouse

I felt on edge, and though I wanted to spend this special time with my girl, I was nervous.