Carol McLeod

Where Is Peace?

I don’t praise the Lord because I am happy … I become happy when I praise Him!

“God! Where Are You?!”

When you feel alone and as if no one cares … go to the One who has promised to be Your constant Companion and your very best Friend.

A Bouquet of Weeds

And yet, the wonder of it all, is that even my sacrifices of earthly pain, are bouquets of great glory to Him. 

Joy and Sorrow

We often don’t believe that joy and sorrow are simultaneously possible because we don’t know what true joy is.

Let It Begin With Me

The only thing that you can absolutely control is your response to painful situations and problematic people.

Manure Matters

I have learned to allow the difficulties in life to act as fertilizer in the garden of my soul.  

So Long, Summer! Hello, Autumn!

Whether the season that has left you standing in the wake of time is a season of the year or a season of life … know that you can still hold fast to the One who never changes.

You Are God’s August!

 If your desire is to flourish and thereby produce delicious fruit for others, you must ask yourself a vital question: “To whom or to what are you choosing to be connected?” 

Good Times!

As believers in God, we must believe that whatever is happening in our lives will eventually be good because we serve the God who is more than able to work all things together for good.

I Thought It Would Be Easier

Instead of looking at life and declaring: “I thought this would be easier,” let’s look difficulty in the face with this declaration: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Selah and the Heart of God

Do you hear His quiet voice bidding you to come into His presence and to just enjoy the wonder of the song of His magnificent heart?

A Spiritual House Call

It has been necessary for me to set up some practical safeguards in my life that enable me to continue to live with joy and peace regardless of my circumstances. 

A Celebration of Women: On This Day We Honor You

Mother’s Day is a tricky holiday. If it is a happy day for you … it is gloriously happy! And if it is a sad day for you … it is heartbreakingly sad – It is not a day that goes unnoticed in any woman’s heart – and so in honor of all of the […]

The Gift of Contentment

Isn’t it a wonderful blessing to know who you are and to function from that stable place of profound knowledge? 

A Faith-Filled Legacy

When your name is recalled at the family dinner table over the next 50 or so years … what are the statements that you would like connected to your memory?

The Love of Our Savior

But there was yet more for Jesus to do. His task on earth was not yet complete. It was time for Jesus to die.