Brie Gowen

Take the Nap

Our bodies need rest. They need stillness, a time-out, rare moments of nothing.

Lost in the Wilderness of 2020

I told a friend earlier that my goal was to travel into the new year with as little weight as possible.
No, I’m not talking about a diet resolution. I’m talking about the weight of this world that we often carry.

The Cure for Uncertain Times

I don’t always know what is right, and I don’t always know what is wrong, but I do know I serve a God who knows all things.

I’m Done With God

Religion will make you say grace before a meal, but relationship will have you give away your last bit of food.

Wrecking Grace

You cannot hold firm to one topic of this world and let that be your guiding force.

It’s Ok to Be Sad

Thankfully we have a Heavenly Father who calls us by name. He beckons us to His lap, to weep as long as we need.

Making it Not Meaningless

Today as I talked to the Lord about what was rumbling around in my head lately, I felt the leading to read Ecclesiastes.

COVID-19: An Inside Look

If you stood in my shoes you would hold a patient’s hand with your own gloved one, attempting to offer comfort, wiping away a stray tear, patting their arm compassionately.

Three Things God Says About COVID-19

If I were to offer any advice during this time of social distancing it would be this. Use this time to read the Bible. Y’all! There’s a wealth of truth and wisdom from the Lord inside those pages. Let them be a healing balm to your worried soul. Let them guide your decisions so that fear doesn’t lead you, but His peace sustains you.

The Only Love That Makes Sense

Such love. That was what brought me to tears. Such peace at having my Heavenly Father direct my steps. That’s what had caused my emotional outpouring.