Brenda Rundus

Root Systems and Rivers

Pregnant with life, free of strife and flowing with peace, the pure River of Life, Jesus – flows within you.

Glory Days

Life happens, and time ticks on. Yes, our bodies are getting older, but old age with wisdom is key.

A Kaleidoscope of Beauty

I magnify You, Lord of wonder; your Spirit removes all restraints
I rest in You my God of splendor; my vision, no longer taint

In Christ You Are Becoming

You carry the testimony of Jesus and your life is like the fragrance of Him.
Your life is a prayer and you’ve dedicated your life to knowing Him.

Original Intent

A new freedom will be given. See bonds loosed. Foundations must be shaken. Yours for the taking.

For the Love of Chicago

The fire of His Spirit will glow in your city and you will be known as the city of life (no longer strife).

A Love Letter

Life without Me keeps you in chains. Life in Me truly sets you free to soar.

Your Eyes Will See the Glory

Truth must strengthen us like rebar within the structure of the foundation, and be the bedrock from which our nation stands. We must stand united, under God.

A Shower of His Light

Maybe you have felt very lackluster lately? He has greater ways to shine brightly within you.

On the Streets Of Your City

Like a “shot heard around the world,” what begins as a protest of unrest and injustice leads to the greatest outpouring.

The Journey of Becoming

The word “become” had so much life on it…hard to describe, but it was like there was a certainty about it.

For the Weary

I believe the full revelation of this bloom is starting now.