Ann Lindholm

Flares of Fire

The converging darkness was a rejection of God that was slowly pushing Him out, inviting in the darkness.

Seasons of the Gospel

Easter dresses, Resurrection Sunday, family gatherings, photo ops, and what on earth do bunnies have to do with chicken eggs?

More God!

God’s Word is better than a diamond, better than a diamond set between emeralds.


He was saying, “You are God. You can do whatever you want to do, however, and whenever you want to do it. And I exalt you! I submit to your supreme authority.”

In the Crushing

Lord, I need you! Father, the crushing is painful, uncomfortable, humiliating…but God, I desire the outcome!

Spiritual Shift in Society

Many will continue to be outraged by the culture of heaven being displayed as it clashes with every ideal they’ve sworn on for life.

Woe Christian

If you find yourself looking down on those different than you, you have a sin issue! Pride.

Who God Says You Are

You are seated in the heavenly places! You are saved! You are My workmanship. You are righteous and holy. You are strong in the strength of My might.

What I Know to be True about God

My King, my Lord, My Shepherd, paid my ransom for not only an eternal place in His Kingdom, but for a richly, abundant life now, here on earth.