Opening Seasons

God clearly ordains the seasons on the earth, and in our lives.

Cast Your Bread

 Trust everything we have cast (thrown) away to be in the hands and eyes of our God.

The Final Answer

Are we seeking answers and pressing into hearing what God wants?  Do we even ask the Lord?

Two Son: Two Attitudes

How do you respond when you are asked to do something?  Do you say no, and then change your mind?  Or, do you say yes, then not do it?   Today in our parable, “There was a man who had two sons.”  (Matthew 21: 28)  The father asked the first son to work in the vineyard. […]

Explore: The Lord Is With Us

 Learning to trust God completely seems to be like a lifelong process, but the sooner we learn, the less we will suffer.

Concerning You

There is a difference between being concerned, and fearful.  Remember the rainbow which reminds us of His covenant, His promises. 

An Offering Of Mercy

God had just proclaimed a blessing to His people, so they offer gifts to Him in twelve sequential days of celebrative pageantry.

You Count

Leaders within each tribe were assigned to oversee the work of their tribe.  

A Time For Everything

God is able to turn that season of roughness into a season of beauty.  The timing of when that occurs is what we struggle with.  

Lord Help Me

Keep crying out.  Others may deny you, but Jesus will not.

God’s Appointments

Tending our light makes them shine brightly. The Lord doesn’t want it snuffed out.  

Stay Clean Inside And Out

Being clean seems to be the consistent theme in our Old Testament readings. The normal pattern is cleansing for seven days, then on the eighth day, two doves or two young pigeons are to be brought to the priest.  “The priest then sacrifices these birds, making atonement.”  (Leviticus 15: 30, Paraphrased) More rules and regulations […]

Desire Mercy

The things, in this life, that really matter is how we treat one another, our fellow man.

Present Yourselves

Knowing you have a disease is bad enough, but yelling, “Unclean,” is one step further.

The Sending Out

The word disciple comes from the root word student, who is one who learns from a teacher.