John’s Gospel: Believe

Realizing the mix of good motives with bad, Jesus resigned Himself to seize the moment as a teaching opportunity.

John’s Gospel: Baskets

Knowing the thoughts of His men, Jesus decided to test them. He asked the one named Philip, “Where shall we buy bread that these may eat?”

John’s Gospel: Fever

Jesus spent two days in the Samaritan village of Sychar where He had met the famous Woman at Well.

John’s Gospel: Nicodemus

He did what he could to make things better, to make everyday life a better reflection of how things should be.

John’s Gospel: Lamb

Since the baptism of John was an act of repentance, why did Jesus, who had no sins, submit to John’s ritual?

John’s Gospel: Wilderness

Here was his pulpit found, his platform, and the fashion of the wilderness—a belt of camel’s hair—was his only vestment.

John’s Gospel: Flesh

This story is real. This eternal Word, present and active at Creation and ruling from the Throne of Heaven, had come to do both a cosmic and personal work.