A Brief Consideration of Angels

When Jesus was threatened in the garden, He told Peter that He was able to get twelve legions of angels to protect Him if He had wanted.

The Enlightening of Your Eyes

The goal of the Holy Spirit is to turn on the Lights for each of us so that we can see and grab hold of everything that He’s provided for us.

Living Prophetic Bread Crumbs

If we are faithful, (to not only heed), but to also activate and engage with those Words, He will continue to give us the next step forward.

We Will All Be Surprised

The signs were given to us to reveal the way forward when life as we know it begins to dismantle. 

God Will Supply Our Needs

This story isn’t about water, it’s about trusting God. Moses and Aaron suffered the consequences because of their lack of trust.

A Different Standard

Jesus gave His disciples the standard of the word to use to measure the standard by which they would live and make decisions.