Selah and the Heart of God

Do you hear His quiet voice bidding you to come into His presence and to just enjoy the wonder of the song of His magnificent heart?

Luke’s Gospel: Swine

He was greeted, not with flowers and accolades from an adoring crowd, but by a naked crazy man.

Luke’s Gospel: Seed

A group of women now followed Him, providing for the needs of the team from their own resources.

Luke’s Gospel: Centurion

Jesus always responded to the faith of those who called on Him, but this was the most unusual statement of faith He had yet to hear.

Luke’s Gospel: Future

The future is coming for each of us. The choices we make today determine what that future will be. Without Jesus, each of us is headed for ruin.

Luke’s Gospel: Love

These famous commands of Jesus remain a lofty, unattainable goal until we give our hearts to Him and He takes up residence there.

Luke’s Gospel: Blessed

Jesus knew that many, if not most of the people in the multitude, would turn away from Him when the healings were done.

Luke’s Gospel: Apostles

It was time for Jesus to select from among the multitudes that followed Him those who would be His primary representatives.

Luke’s Gospel: Matthew

Matthew’s quick mind for sums added up the offer and the tax collector saw a way out of the wretched life he had been living.

Luke’s Gospel: Forgiven

As Jesus taught His unique vision of the Law and the prophets and the details of the Covenant with God, the keepers of the flame were busy trying to keep up.

Luke’s Gospel: Willing

There are no “ifs” to be considered. If we come to Jesus in faith believing, He will meet us. If we call on Him in faith, He hears us!

Luke’s Gospel: Fishermen

That day on the Sea of Galilee, the sun did not set on the same world upon which it rose that morning. Two sets of brothers forsook all to answer the call of Jesus.

Luke’s Gospel: Galilee

They didn’t argue with Him; they just believed what He said. They didn’t strike out at Him, they reached out to Him and He touched them.

Luke’s Gospel: Authority

As a parting gesture, the demons threw the man to the floor of the synagogue, shaken but uninjured, and left him there as they fled.

Luke’s Gospel: Rejection

The moment had come for Him to tell His friends and family who He was. They needed to know. It would explain so much!

Luke’s Gospel: Temptations

After Jesus was baptized, the Spirit the Lord led Jesus (Some say He was driven by the Spirit!) into the wilderness.