Luke’s Gospel: Lord

Jesus was a product of David’s family line on both Mary and Joseph’s side. He was the Son of David.

Luke’s Gospel: Afterlife

The Sadducees were a joyless group of liberal theologians who had outgrown any beliefs in the supernatural.

Luke’s Gospel: Temple

As a tragic counterpoint to the psalteries and tambourines accompanying the songs of praise, the tears of the Savior fell to the street beneath the donkey’s feet.

Luke’s Gospel: Hosanna!

Somehow the sight of Jesus riding a young donkey toward and through the gates of the ancient City of David excited the dormant hope for a Deliverer.

Luke’s Gospel: Loss

Hate is a most unprofitable emotion. Seldom does it lead to benefits either for the individual or the company.

Luke’s Gospel: Profit

As Jesus neared Jerusalem, interest grew in the nature of His coming Kingdom. If money was earned only to be given away, what kind of economy would that be?

Luke’s Gospel: Blindness

This was enough for the blind man. Each day, he listened to the passing crowds in hopes that Jesus might come his way, and now it was happening.

Luke’s Gospel: Hidden

Of all the provocative things about Jesus, the most revolutionary was the news that He might be Messiah.

Luke’s Gospel: Good

When we do something well it means our technique was effective; it does not mean that what was done was good.

Luke’s Gospel: Trust

Jesus finished the story by calling for action. If we persist in self-exaltation, there can be only one result—humiliation.

Luke’s Gospel: Noah

What was the moral and social climate in those days and how will it be replicated in the Last Days?

Luke’s Gospel: Rejected

In the earthly ministry of Jesus, there were many, many victories. He began in His home region of Galilee teaching and working miracles and multitudes followed Him.