Worship: The River of Life

We have put praise and worship on the clock and we have lost the sense of tarrying, of waiting on the Lord. No wonder our strength is not often renewed.

Worship: Priests Unto the Lord

How transforming it would be if our worship leaders and rank and file worshipers would see themselves as priests unto the Lord, a Kingdom of Priests.

The Return of the Plowmen

God is taking the Word of the Lord from the plowman and engraving it upon the hearts of His people with an intensified speed.

Pastors and Worship Leaders

If there is no personal spiritual relationship between the pastor and music pastor, there is little hope for a public display of God’s power on the platform.

Spiritual Songs

When the church has gathered to worship there are disciplines involved that do not exist in private prayer.

Spiritual Bleach

When the enemy begins to lie to you and tries to get you to agree with his ridiculous thinking, cut him off at the pass with the power of praise.