The Kingdom Has Come

In this glimpse of heaven, we see that the activity of heaven itself revolves around praise of the Lord for His majesty and His victory.

ALONG THE WAY: Raising High His Signal – with Paul Bixler

Paul Bixler knew that his purpose for life was to be in TV production but he didn’t want to work at the small start-up station that his parents were pioneering back in Pittsburgh, but God called him back to be part of a great legacy of raising high God’s signal to the nations.

Peter on the Day After

Something to remember: ‘the new normal’ is always nothing other than the old abnormal, it is just disguised.

Jehovah Shammah: The God Who is There

God’s Presence was restored to Jerusalem in the form of a tiny baby brought to the temple to be offered back to God by his parents, Joseph and Mary.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Don’t Be Dysfunctional! Caring for Others Affects the Church Overall

Lessons from 1 Timothy 5 – In today’s podcast, Erin Olson discusses how Paul describes how the Church family should treat one another. If the Church continues to look like an example of a dysfunctional family, the Church will lose its effectiveness in not only caring for those within the Church but also losing its effectiveness in reaching the unsaved.


Mimika TV Host: Mimika Cooney PODCAST It’s here! The “Unstick Your Mind” Mimika TV has finally arrived. Our first episode of the new season has landed. Have you ever been in the midst of an exceptionally hot Summer and longed for a brisk breeze or the first Winter snow? When that Winter snow arrives … […]