Preach It!

Perhaps some of the problems we currently face in the Church could be related to our lack of understanding of God’s Word.

The Awakening

I believe that we are about to enter a time where we will even see the dead raised. Not merely the spiritually dead but the physically dead.

Lord, Make Yourself Known

Once a person enters this bed of deception and has their first fill of its passion, they will enter a slumber so deep that any alarm of desperation and confrontation offered by friends and family will fail to rouse them.

Sweeping of the Holy Spirit

This sweeping of the Holy Spirit will also move across America transforming it and realigning America with her prophetic destiny and the purpose God intended for this nation.

Triune Evangelism

What should we be telling someone when God is moving upon them to move them to salvation?

If You Try To Save Your Life You Will Lose It!

When Christians are absorbed with preserving their own lives when our version of Christianity becomes only about receiving God`s blessings but not about participating in his love that leads us into suffering, that is when evil advances.

Taking Out the Trash

God wants the American church to rebuild our message to America about Christ. What is slowing us down is all of the trash we keep carrying out.

In the Belly of the Whale

When God’s love truly dwells within, we will find it easier to extend grace to those
who don’t think like us, worship like us, pray like us, or vote like us — even within the Church.

Fear the People

There was a moment in the service where the power of God fell on the crowd and a roar came out of them.