Power Usurped

Stand firm – I am not about to desert my people who stand and remain standing.

Look for the Little Cloud!

I think of newspapers and TV stations reporting God’s miracles, of Jesus becoming the center of attention within entire cultures.

Preach It!

Perhaps some of the problems we currently face in the Church could be related to our lack of understanding of God’s Word.

The Awakening

I believe that we are about to enter a time where we will even see the dead raised. Not merely the spiritually dead but the physically dead.

Lord, Make Yourself Known

Once a person enters this bed of deception and has their first fill of its passion, they will enter a slumber so deep that any alarm of desperation and confrontation offered by friends and family will fail to rouse them.

Sweeping of the Holy Spirit

This sweeping of the Holy Spirit will also move across America transforming it and realigning America with her prophetic destiny and the purpose God intended for this nation.