Seasons of Silent Suffering

While at first, the silence spoke only condemnation, leaning into God’s love transformed silence into serenity.

I’ve Noticed Something

Only a supernatural manifestation of God’s power carries the hope of redemption and resurrection for individual lives and for the wider culture.

Battering Ram Prayer

Continue to stand in your authority in Christ, and make declarations and decrees no matter what it looks like in the natural.

Hard Choices

Let this warning act as a call to My people to repentance and to prayer.

DARE 2 HEAR: Sitting with God

God wants to speak to us. He wants to download plans and blueprints and build a real relationship with us. But if we never sit with Him, and I mean really sit in the stillness and quiet then how can He impart the deeper revelation?  God is inviting you to sit with Him so you can receive more as well.

DARE 2 HEAR: Chosen For More – with Amber Albee-Swenson

As we read the pages of Scripture we must keep in mind that God chooses to use ordinary everyday people. It’s a recurring theme in Scripture and Amber dives into the lives of 5 individuals who may have seen themselves as ordinary, YET God CHOSE them for more. And He chooses you for more as well.

DARE 2 HEAR: Angels of Fire

What are angels? How can we partner with them to usher in God’s glory and the end-time revival? Are there different types of angels? Is there a hierarchy of angels? What are ascension angels?

Contending for Breakthrough

I am looking for those who will contend wherever they find themselves, quietly, maybe silently, pleading with Me for the souls of men.

Calling the Shot

God wants His intercessors to call the shot by prophesying into the atmosphere the outcome of their prayers.

DARE 2 HEAR: Tipping Point – with Amie Rogers

The Tipping Point on the earth is the pouring out of Heaven! This is but one of the powerful lines in a prophetic word released by my friend Amie Rogers. Join us today as Amie shares this powerful word and we discuss what it means to be at the “tipping point”