Selah and the Heart of God

Do you hear His quiet voice bidding you to come into His presence and to just enjoy the wonder of the song of His magnificent heart?

Luke’s Gospel: Swine

He was greeted, not with flowers and accolades from an adoring crowd, but by a naked crazy man.

S P L I N T E R E D System

A splinter had wedged itself into his toe. It hurt on its way out, but on the other side of pain…healing and regrowth.

On the Streets Of Your City

Like a “shot heard around the world,” what begins as a protest of unrest and injustice leads to the greatest outpouring.

Luke’s Gospel: Seed

A group of women now followed Him, providing for the needs of the team from their own resources.

Luke’s Gospel: Centurion

Jesus always responded to the faith of those who called on Him, but this was the most unusual statement of faith He had yet to hear.

Luke’s Gospel: Future

The future is coming for each of us. The choices we make today determine what that future will be. Without Jesus, each of us is headed for ruin.

Standing Firm in Life’s Storms

All the promises of God are yes and amen. God can’t lie. If He has promised us something in His Word, then we can stake our lives on it.

Luke’s Gospel: Love

These famous commands of Jesus remain a lofty, unattainable goal until we give our hearts to Him and He takes up residence there.

Luke’s Gospel: Blessed

Jesus knew that many, if not most of the people in the multitude, would turn away from Him when the healings were done.

Luke’s Gospel: Apostles

It was time for Jesus to select from among the multitudes that followed Him those who would be His primary representatives.