Spiritual Life

The Power of Obedience

The disobedient path looks good through our carnal eyes, but because we are looking through our carnality we fail to see the destructive influences that are on that path.


You may have noticed at the end of each episode, I end with, love well, you were made for it. So I thought I’d close out this four-part series with some of my tips for loving well. Because this is my favorite subject …. LOVE!

Cancel Culture is Canceled!

While the enemy is attempting to undermine the truth, God has been creating a deep hunger in this generation for the truth!

LIV2DAY: Anger and Division

Dr. Paula asserts that there is no place for indecisiveness, no time for fear or lingering in worry. Standing on The Word, standing for what you believe in, and choosing to be bold is what is being asked of each of us. Tune in as she offers encouragement through God’s word during these unprecedented times.

Christian Healing: Biblical Foundations

It should be clear from the most basic reading of the Old Testament prophecies that healing was part of the atonement of the Messiah, because as sin is dealt with, so are its effects.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Both Hand Foundation with JT OLSON

Episode #117 – This weekend on RVR, we’ve got Both Hands Foundation, founder, JT Olson. He’s on the show sharing the story behind this faith-based non-profit serving orphans and widows. With over 153 million orphans worldwide and the costs of adoption on the rise, their mission is to fulfill James 1:27 by serving orphans, widows, and Christian adoptive families.

The Church is Now

The Lord’s church is not intended for use as a Hollywood set with velvet ropes and for glamorous shows.

Staging Your Arrival

The Lord has decided that a particular stage in your journey has finished and it is time to rest and become refreshed before the next stage begins.

MOVING ON: Investing in Each Other To Push Through the Tough Stuff

Episode #10 – Did you know that serving others can actually be medicinal? In this episode, Jay and Jessica discuss how all of us are created with a yearning to help others, and the further away we get from this original plan the more anxious and depressed we can come.

Battling Ingratitude Part 1

We won’t be deceived by false teaching when our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for what Christ has done for us.


In this episode, Denise continues a deep dive into the topic of joy and moves the conversation into finding joy. Did you know joy often happens in the midst of suffering? Discover this truth and others as you listen in on five ways we can find true joy in Christ.

The Anchor Holds!

People’s opinions, ideas, and wisdom seldom prevail in dealing with your situation and almost always cause you to shipwreck your faith in the process.