End Times

Ready for the Harvest

We’ve been praying for the Harvest when we should have been pleading for the workers!

Looking for a Sign

Nothing is out of reach from the hand of God – no person, no government, no evil leader can escape His influence.

We Will All Be Surprised

The signs were given to us to reveal the way forward when life as we know it begins to dismantle. 

The Rebuilding of the House

God is going to take many of those prodigals who sat in those dead religious circles for years, draw them to Himself in His house of prayer and make them come alive like never before!

The Church is Dead

Where I am allowed to do so, I am raising up a new vibrant church to lead My people into a revival-led Golden Age.

Awake O Sleeper!

Only when the Bride is Fully Awake will we see her taking dominion in the earth like the earth has been anticipating.

My View on End-Times Theology

I believe we have entered a Kingdom Age where the knowledge of His glory is going to eventually cover the entire earth.