Bible Study/Devotional

Jesus’ Words from the Cross: a Word of Salvation

We all go our own way — wandering off and needing God’s rescue.  And we’re all faced with a choice (as these two criminals were), God’s salvation or our own.  Yes, even as believers, “saved ones.”

Matthew’s Gospel: Treasures

Treasures like these are carefully kept, hidden away, locked up, meticulously filed so we can retrieve them at a moment’s notice, hold them close, and consider their value.

Matthew’s Gospel: Enemies

Jesus had a way of turning every issue on its head; this one is no exception. In this part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives the most counter-intuitive advice.

Faith Over Fear

Do not allow yourself to get entangled in the “what if” scenarios of your life.

Matthew’s Gospel: Oaths

The marriage contract is more than a legal document, it is a vow made to God Himself. If one of the partners breaks this vow, that person has lied to God.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Episode #113 – Love isn’t simply obeying the rules so you don’t fear punishment. It’s serving others sacrificially.

Matthew’s Gospel: Heart

When the heart betrays the mind, this powerful imagination can be a temptress, leading us to dwell on sinful, destructive things.imag

Sometimes Love Is Inconvenient

Episode #112 – As we live during this worldwide health crisis and being the leader of a small church, I have found myself asking the question: “How does the church lead by example during this time?”

The Call for Revival

God is ready to revive us and to cleanse His Church – and He promises to do just that the moment we move towards repentance.

Matthew’s Gospel: Good

The Bible makes it clear that being completely good is a hopeless goal on our own. We all fall short of the glory of God.

Matthew’s Gospel: Blessed

In the Beatitudes, Jesus is presenting a continuum, an extension of the eternal Kingdom of God into the present generation.

Matthew’s Gospel: Healing

The preponderance of Scripture indicates that it has always been God’s plan to heal the sick as the Gospel is preached.

Love Doesn’t Quit

Episode #111 – Love keeps on forever abiding. Because love is a personal sacrifice, something we give away, the moment we stop giving it, we stop being love.

Beyond Principle To Personhood

Episode #110 – Love goes beyond principle to personhood. And when love is who we are, it changes how we view God’s commands.

You Are The Giant Killer

The moment you accepted Christ and chose to walk into that life for real, the anointing of a king was put on you.

Matthew’s Gospel: Galilee

His ministry was different from that of John. He would call people to repentance as John did, but Jesus would also bring a new perspective on the Old Covenant

Beyond Performance To Presence

Episode #108 – What did we do as a result of the fear surrounding the virus? Well, the University of Washington canceled in-person classes until the end of the month.

Bible Study 1 Corinthians 13: Part I

We open with a prayer to not just know the Word of God better, but to know God better. To know the Word is to know the Author. That, we believe, is the ultimate goal.