Bible Study/Devotional

The Purpose of the Law: Knowing God’s Righteous Standards

Day 271 of Bible Reading Plan – The Law seems like a bummer to those who want to do things their way. And today in our country we have something I never thought I would see—defunding of police officers who maintain the law. The lawless one is at work right now in our society, but God’s Law still stands. God’s Law revealed our need of salvation when we realized that we could not meet it, but Christ fulfilled the Law on our behalf. The purpose of the Law was so we would know God’s righteous standards, so sin would not separate us from our Holy God.

Are You Willing?

Can you see what’s inside this garden of hearts?  As far as we can see, its people.  The love of people is what’s inside the heart of our God.  He looks inside, yet He sees the outside as well.  Much grooming took place for this garden to be perfected and be as beautiful as it […]

Having a Worthy Fear

Day 270 of Bible Reading Plan – There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this life and in this world right now. It is easy to cave to fear, but fear is an awful taskmaster. When fear has you in its grip, it is difficult to rise above. Having a worthy fear – the fear of God – dispels all other fears. And the truth in God’s word sets us free, enabling us to live the righteous life God requires.

Be A Blessing

Do we realize what’s inside of us?  Do we understand how we can bless one another, in many ways?  Here’s what Jesus says about you, as His beloved:  “You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.  You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing […]

John’s Gospel: Bread

“What sign will You perform then, that we may see it and believe You? What work will You do?”

How to Rely on God

Day 269 of Bible Reading Plan – God gave us clear directions on how to be in His favor and we broke them. Then life got hard. And God still made a way back to Himself. But sometimes we can be a stubborn lot and try to do things our way, right? It starts by remembering what God has done and what He will be faithful to do again. Relying on anything or anyone else will fail.

Opening Seasons

God clearly ordains the seasons on the earth, and in our lives.

John’s Gospel: Believe

Realizing the mix of good motives with bad, Jesus resigned Himself to seize the moment as a teaching opportunity.

A Living Testament: Faithfully Surrendering to God’s Way

Day 268 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we really want to do something for God or accomplish something in our life but we can’t seem to get it done or just keep failing. Maybe we are striving in our own strength or maybe it was not God’s will for us to do it in the first place. But when we seek to do  God’s will for our lives and honor God in all we do, others will notice. We are being a living testament of God’s grace when we don’t compromise and are faithful to God, whether or not our plans ever come to fruition.

Doing Things God’s Way: The Pathway to His Goodness

Day 267 of Bible Reading Plan – It’s easy to try and do things our way. It’s what we want or what we think is best. It can feel confining to have to do something someone else’s way. But doing things God’s way is the pathway to blessing. Whereas doing things our way ends up making things more difficult on us.

Cast Your Bread

 Trust everything we have cast (thrown) away to be in the hands and eyes of our God.

John’s Gospel: Baskets

Knowing the thoughts of His men, Jesus decided to test them. He asked the one named Philip, “Where shall we buy bread that these may eat?”

Living in the Grace Paradigm: Extending the Grace We Receive

Day 266 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we mess up and make mistakes that seem to be beyond repair. That’s a perfect situation for God’s grace. God freely gives us grace when we confess and repent, but do we do the same for others? Living in the grace paradigm means we extend the grace we have also received.

The Final Answer

Are we seeking answers and pressing into hearing what God wants?  Do we even ask the Lord?

Two Son: Two Attitudes

How do you respond when you are asked to do something?  Do you say no, and then change your mind?  Or, do you say yes, then not do it?   Today in our parable, “There was a man who had two sons.”  (Matthew 21: 28)  The father asked the first son to work in the vineyard. […]

I Ain’t Nobody’s Fool: Walking in God’s Wisdom

Day 264 of Bible Reading Plan – “I ain’t nobody’s fool”. No one wants to be a fool, yet we live in a culture full of folly. And we can be naive or fooled if we are not careful. But there is a way out. As we ask God for wisdom, He promises to answer.

Explore: The Lord Is With Us

 Learning to trust God completely seems to be like a lifelong process, but the sooner we learn, the less we will suffer.