Bible Study/Devotional

Mark’s Gospel: Return

Finally, everyone would see Jesus the way they did—in all the greatness He was careful to hide every day. They could process this prediction and they did.

Mark’s Gospel: Readiness

Each of the Temples where God Almighty chose to dwell among people ended in this type of destruction. The repeated cause? False worship.

Mark’s Gospel: Endtimes

This was not at all what the men expected to hear. They expected Jesus to restore the spirituality of the Temple, not bring down its buildings.

Mark’s Gospel: Lord

Look to Jesus. Look to the disciples after Pentecost. Look to any truly great Christian leader and you will find humility.

Hope Amidst Tragedy

This fallen world is under an umbrella of sin. Sin and death are just normal processes of this world until its final restoration in a new heaven and new earth.

Mark’s Gospel: Offerings

All of this secrecy works on the human level but it is useless in the spiritual realm. God sees and remembers!

Mark’s Gospel: Commandment

That gentle breeze that often visited the Temple courts came again as the soft words of the scribe began to impact his peers.

Mark’s Gospel: Resurrection

Jesus said these men were “greatly mistaken.” Their miscalculation robbed them of life before and after death. The same is true today.

More Than Just Lip Service

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been following Jesus or how good our intentions are, each and every one of us is susceptible to becoming numb to His presence.

Mark’s Gospel: Inscription

In the public arena, believers have a civic duty to perform. In the spiritual arena, the followers of Christ have a spiritual duty that goes deeper.

Mark’s Gospel: Vineyard

In the silence, Jesus locked eyes with each of the leaders, staring until each one dropped his eyes to the ground. No one could think of anything to say.

Mark’s Gospel: Whatever

In the days ahead, each of them would learn that the Lord would expect fruit from them, in season or out. They would produce!

Mark’s Gospel: Prayer

Order had returned to the House of God. Purpose, the true purpose, had been restored. The religious authorities saw all of this but they could not stop it.

Mark’s Gospel: Hosanna!

This donkey rider had done things none of the others had done. He seemed to have come in the name—and the power—of the Lord.

Mark’s Gospel: Colt

He would need an animal to ride to lift Himself above the throng and keep the procession from descending into chaos.

Mark’s Gospel: Bartimaeus

The road to Jericho was paved with history. Joshua and his army, carrying torches and trumpets, took this road to conquer the city.

Mark’s Gospel: Serving

We need to fall before the Lord, seeking what He wants us to do for Him, not the other way around!

Mark’s Gospel: Jerusalem

Jesus could not leave them to their uniformed reveries. He had to warn them of what awaited them in this pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Can I Do All Things?

Paul’s attitude here was predetermined. He did not wait for a bad situation to determine his contentment. He knew Jesus and that was enough.

Mark’s Gospel: Following

He knew what was coming and though He tried to warn them, He knew there was no way they could know what was ahead for them.

Listening For God’s Voice

Hearing from the Lord requires a heart that is humble before Him—a heart that is eager and ready to hear what He has to say.

Mark’s Gospel: Riches

After boasting of his faithfulness to the commandments, he walked away in shame when Jesus revealed what was lacking in his life.