Bible Study/Devotional

Please, God

There were times that the men of great faith pleaded with God. Even Jesus had a moment of pleading.

Freedom In Truth

It is the Truth that sets us free. God wants us free. Satan wants us bound.

The God Who Sees

He took notice of their hearts and saw value in them when they didn’t seem all that valuable in the eyes of society or in the eyes of the religious elite.

Right Responders

If you are in a disastrous or really difficult situation, take refuge. Where at? In the shadow of His wings. 

Luke’s Gospel: Swine

He was greeted, not with flowers and accolades from an adoring crowd, but by a naked crazy man.

Welcome To Marriage

How do we respond when we are in a heated battle? Do we blow up, yell, scream, and walk away angry?

Restored to Wisdom

Solomon, David’s son, was known to be a very wise man.  He exhorts us by saying, “…Let the wise listen and add to their learning.”  

Luke’s Gospel: Seed

A group of women now followed Him, providing for the needs of the team from their own resources.

What Makes You Secure?

Let’s let Him secure us and secure our situations. It’s His battle and His fight to be victorious over.

Growing in Wisdom

Mary treasured the words of her son, even though she and Joseph didn’t understand them.

Luke’s Gospel: Centurion

Jesus always responded to the faith of those who called on Him, but this was the most unusual statement of faith He had yet to hear.