5 Lessons We Learn from Dads

Even when dads struggle to openly express their emotions, we can still learn to see and receive love in different forms.

MEMORIAL DAY 2021: Honoring and Mourning Our Fallen Soldiers

MEMORIAL DAY 2021 On this day, Kingdom Winds honors and mourns our military who gave their lives to protect our freedoms, liberties, and way of life. We also pay tribute to our veterans and active military for their sacrifice and service to our nation. 

The Day After Easter

The disciples’ lives were forever changed, but the culture they lived in was still broken and dark.


May your hope and joy abound today as you celebrate Jesus!

The Person of Our Salvation

For the last 2,000 years, the uncompromising truth of Jesus as the only way to God has caused men and women to lay down their lives to bring others to Christ.

Facing 2021 without Regret

In other words, let the past sleep, but let it sleep in the sweet embrace of Christ, and let us go on into the invincible future with Him.

The Patterns of Life

In these last few hours of 2020, it would be wise to conduct a personal audit and ask, “What are the patterns revealed about the impact of my life on other people?”

Spiritual Health Checkup

If we are good about getting physical checkups, maybe we should also be good about conducting spiritual health checkups.

New Garments Given

The swaddling cloth that once encircled this newborn baby, Jesus, is now a Robe of Righteousness that covers the floor of heaven.

Out of the Corner of My Eye

When I look directly at Christmas, I find a storehouse of memories and touchstones, an intertwining of personal experiences with my faith traditions — and over the years there is a discernable cumulative effect.