Putty Putman

Three Preaching Journeys

This is an element of spiritual leadership; sometimes we go first into spiritual breakthrough, softening the ground and making that breakthrough more accessible to others.

Postmodernism and Truth

Postmodernism’s wrestle with the truth is legitimate, it is just that to a Christian the resolution is different.

Valuing the Bible as We Preach

One facet every preacher needs to keep in mind as they work to grow in their craft is that preaching is a multifaceted thing.

Cultivating Humility

It is only while our eyes are on the Lord that we can perceive ourselves accurately, and that includes walking in true humility.

Degrees of Kingdom Inbreaking

It seems to me that not every kingdom inbreaking is equal: sometimes there is a stream of God’s inbreaking rule, sometimes a river, sometimes a gushing waterfall.

Authority and Affecting Change

Much of the work of pastoral ministry works through the currency of relational authority as we help people navigate situations in their lives and make choices the keep them moving towards the things of the kingdom.

Choice, Calling, and Imaging God

The opportunity we uniquely have to image God is a paradoxical combination of what we choose and what is handed to us by the world around us.

Apostolic Grace

We will have times in our life when God sends us to our own private Gethsemane and like Jesus, we cry out, “God, could there be any other way?” I

The Triune Church

The issue is that the world is starting to speak a different sociological language than the church, leaving the church to feel outdated.

Triune Transformation

This is the way the triune God works redemption into our lives: cycle-by-cycle bringing us through growth in Relationship-Identity-Destiny, each time adding another layer.

Triune Evangelism

What should we be telling someone when God is moving upon them to move them to salvation?

Triune Gospel: The Identity Journey

We are invited into a life where we are made of the same stuff as Jesus, and we live united with him. He is in us now, and we are in him as well.