Luke’s Gospel: Salt

Jesus chose this image to illustrate how those who follow Him act as preservatives in a most sinful world.

Luke’s Gospel: Treasures

When we claim the Lord as our treasure, He claims us as His! Life is more than the quest for temporal things—it is an investment in eternal treasures.

Luke’s Gospel: Ministry

Really, ministry isn’t simple at all. It has many expressions, some of them obvious and some of them hidden.

Selah and the Heart of God

Do you hear His quiet voice bidding you to come into His presence and to just enjoy the wonder of the song of His magnificent heart?

Luke’s Gospel: Swine

He was greeted, not with flowers and accolades from an adoring crowd, but by a naked crazy man.

S P L I N T E R E D System

A splinter had wedged itself into his toe. It hurt on its way out, but on the other side of pain…healing and regrowth.

On the Streets Of Your City

Like a “shot heard around the world,” what begins as a protest of unrest and injustice leads to the greatest outpouring.

Luke’s Gospel: Seed

A group of women now followed Him, providing for the needs of the team from their own resources.