Washing Dirty Feet

You doubt if there’s a purpose; To sit amongst the people; The lowly and the feeble.

Majesty’s Abide 

That Abiding in the Majesty of the Creator provides hope for both the believer and those who choose to repent.

Taken Captive

Your Love has captured me, and for all my days I’ll sing my praise to Thee.

Chosen Instrument

As snakes shed their covering to produce new growth, scales fell from his eyes, and he was filled with the Holy Ghost.


Jesus is the Savior and the Lover of our souls!

Outstretched Arms

How wide would you open your arms if someone asks how much you love the Lord?

Guiding Light

The Light of the World has come to give us new life and He sends the Holy Spirit as our guiding light.

Spiritual Suicide

Deception started in the Garden and is still at work today. The one who was cunning then still leads mankind astray.

Clarity’s Mission

After eight years, author Tony Caico is releasing Restoration by Water’s Edge—beautiful and elegant words of hope and healing inspired by the King!