Shari Braendel

FASHION MEETS FAITH: SOCKS! What to Wear with What

Socks are an everyday item we wear, but how do we wear them to stay in fashion? In this video, I walk you through how to wear socks to both stay in fashion and be practical – so you can stay warm and be trendy!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Create New Looks with this Easy Formula

We are excited to share with you a simple formula to create new looks with the same clothes! I’ll walk you through how to change out some pieces or add to this basic look to create new, beautiful styles. And all it takes is this one easy formula to work with what is already in your closets!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Grammie’s Girls and Fashion

One of the best things about being a Grammie is sharing my love of Fashion with my two granddaughters! So this week, instead of doing a fashion lesson, I’m introducing you to my sweet granddaughters and showing off some of their favorite things to wear.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Packing Fashionable Travel Outfits

Fashionable Packing for a trip can be difficult! That’s why I’m going to walk you through the outfits I’m packing for my trip to Italy. I think these outfits are both fashionable and practical when packing for any trip!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 5 Best Jewelry Trends for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and I want to prepare you for some of the jewelry trends for this Autumn. Watch this video for 5 tips on the trending jewelry styles for this Fall! You’ll fall in love with these jewelry trends!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 6 Style Tips for Joggers

Joggers are a chic, comfy staple for every wardrobe but do you ever wonder how to style your joggers for any occasion? In this video, I’m sharing 6 style tips to up-style your joggers whether you’re traveling, shopping, or on a date night out!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Focus on Sleeve Length

One of the most important things to consider when styling a blazer is, believe it or not, your sleeves! In this Style Tip video, I’m showing you how to avoid a frumpy blazer situation with a few of my go-to sleeve length tricks.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Travel Essentials

Traveling with just a carry-on can be a challenge. In this video, I share some of the best essentials to help you travel light and smart! From packing your luggage efficiently to staying comfortable on the plane, you’ll want to use these essentials wherever you travel on your next trip.

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Classy Nail Tips for Summer

Welcome to Style Tips with Shari! In this episode, I’ll share several nail tips for well-groomed summertime nails. Nails are an important part of your overall appearance. They can say a lot about you and are often the first thing that people notice. Enjoy these tips to keep you looking classy from head to toe!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 10 Summer Trends Everyone Can Wear in 2022!

There are so many beautiful summer trends in 2022 that it can be a little overwhelming. In this edition of Style Tips with Shari, I take 10 of those summer trends and show you how everyone can wear them so you can confidently add them to your wardrobe! I hope you enjoy it!