Scott Ingram

Called to Follow

As we learn what a great leader looks like biblically, it will act as a grid by which we will examine the leaders to whom we will submit ourselves.

The Sky-Level Gospel

This method uses the full story of scripture to lay out God’s beautiful, original plan; the problem of sin in humanity, and the reason for which Christ came into the world.

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: How to Keep a Bible Journal

Episode 10 – In this episode of The Christian Life, we look at how to keep a bible journal, from picking out which journal you will actually use, to the logistics of a time and place, and of course, we look in-depth at the things we want to keep a record of each day, as we spend time in the Word of God.

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Applying Theology

Episode 8 – What do you think when you hear the word “Theology?” Is it something to be avoided? Divisive? Over-complicated? The reality is good theology is simply having a good understanding of scripture, which goes deeper than just a “head-knowledge” about God. It must go to the heart level and have practical effects in our lives.

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: Growing in Discernment

Episode 7 – In order to live the Christian Life successfully, discernment is one of the greatest skills you must develop. You must learn to distinguish between your own thoughts,  input, and lies from the enemy, and the voice of the Lord. As we currently find ourselves in a season where external input is leading many to fear, anxiety and hopelessness, it is the perfect season to learn how to walk in discernment and walk in obedience to the Lord.

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: How to Hear God’s Voice

Episode 6 – Hearing God’s Voice is one of the most vital things we do, as believers, to build our relationship with the Lord. In this episode, we look at examples of how people hear God’s voice, both in scripture and in the present day. These include hearing Him speak through the scriptures, hearing the audible voice of God, hearing the still, small “intuitive voice” of God. They also include visionary gifts, such as dreams, visions, and trances. And they include things like angelic visitations, physical sensations, and inspired speech. 

Impartation: Transferring Anointing

Episode 4 – Impartation might be described as the “transferring of an anointing from one person to another.” In this episode Pastor Scott discusses the biblical basis for impartation through the laying on of hands and shares the impact it has had on his own life and ministry.

Holy Spirit

Episode 3 -In this episode, we discuss the role of the Holy Spirit at He fills believers to seal their salvation, equip them for holy living, and empower them to be witnesses in the world.