Meredith Boggs


Episode #13 – After polling the audience a few weeks back, we’re talking about car conflicts & the top reasons you all shared you experience this type of conflict. We talk about why it happens, if it’s about something deeper than just your partners driving or navigating skills, & how to avoid the same cycle of conflict in the car!

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Money and Marriage and Paying Off 54K in Debt

Episode #7 – We’re taking all things money in marriage and how we paid off 54K of student loans in 13 months.  From relationship dynamics when you have one spender and one saver,  the stress of a less-stable income with one as the breadwinner and how to set boundaries & respect each other with finances, we get into it!   

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Mental Health and Meds

Episode #5 – Cracking the mental health stigma, Justin & Meredith share their personal stories of being on medications for depression and ADHD.  When is it time to consider medication?  How do you deal with the stigma and shame that comes with it?  They tell the other half of mental health and medications on this week’s episode. 

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Quitting Your Job (Being Your Own Boss Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be)

Episode # – It’s all the rage to quit your day job and be your own boss but it’s not all it’s cracked to be.  Justin talks about making the mental shift,  going out on your own to start your own business, and finally quitting his ‘day job’ 14 months later.  It may seem glamorous to be your own boss but Justin and Meredith are talking openly about fear, knowing when it’s time, and everything about entrepreneurship that doesn’t make the highlight reel.  

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Differing Definitions of “Now”

Episode #3 – We assumed our definition of “now” was the same.  But mine meant “right now” & his meant “in 5 minutes,” so what do you do when you operate from different definitions? Do you change them, merge them, or compromise?