Lisa Wenninger

Lisa Wenninger is a speaker, writer, podcaster, and Kingdom Winds Collective member. She currently manages a local church with a family of believers she loves. Lisa enjoys volunteering as a Stephen Minister and being able to walk alongside others in their time of need. She is an animal lover (former assistant to the director at this fantastic location), a beach enthusiast, and enjoys hiking, museums, and eating out. Fun fact – she loves to sing but says that you don’t want to hear her do it.


I head back to a day when my son was still in the grips of his addiction and what that looked like—the odd behavior, the confusing talks, the constant motion from his high. We are so thankful that the “guy we used to know” has returned and is living well in his recovery today!

AUTHENTIC TRUTHS IN ADDICTION: Boundaries for a Parent’s Recovery

When it feels like the cycle of addiction will never end, we may find ourselves locked in an illness we don’t have. We pray our loved ones into healing and wholeness, only to find we are the one broken. This episode discusses the importance of boundaries within a parent’s recovery plan.