John Matarazzo

ALONG THE WAY: The Post Modern Pilgrim’s Progress – with Joel Berry

For this special edition of AlongTheWay John Matarazzo talks with Babylon Bee Managing Editor, Joel Berry,  about the recent buzz at the Bee still in Twitter jail as they wait for Elon Musk to release them, Prophetic Satirical headlines, and the book that they really want to write. The Post Modern Pilgrim’s Progress is an updated telling of the classic tale.

ALONG THE WAY: What To Say and How To Say It – with Nina Roesner

Do you’ve ever have trouble communicating? Maybe you know what you want to say but you don’t know how to say it? Nina Roesner is the Founder and Executive Director of “Greater Impact” which equips people to reach their full potential for what God has called them to do.

ALONG THE WAY: Finding the True Light – with Mike Shreve

One day while he was hitchhiking along the highway, The True light of Jesus sent a man just trying to do his laundry, to drive out of his way and pick up the young yogi. That encounter shifted Mike Shreve’s destiny forever. Hear how he finally reached the authentic spiritual awakening.

ALONG THE WAY: Raising High His Signal – with Paul Bixler

Paul Bixler knew that his purpose for life was to be in TV production but he didn’t want to work at the small start-up station that his parents were pioneering back in Pittsburgh, but God called him back to be part of a great legacy of raising high God’s signal to the nations.

ALONG THE WAY: Pushing Boundaries – with Tony Myers

Is your hair really BLUE? Tony Myers received a miraculous healing from ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease and then God told him to “wear the color of his healing”, he took that seriously and has been receiving puzzled looks ever since.

ALONG THE WAY: In His Name – with Tamryn Klintworth

Evangelist Tamryn Klintworth. She shares how she is preaching the gospel by hosting crusades in Ethiopia, South Africa, and more. God’s promised Revival is happening around the world and people are being delivered, healed, and saved!

ALONG THE WAY: His Wonderful Works – with Dee Barnes

For this particular episode, I had the honor to be a guest host on my mentor, Dr. Steve Greene’s Greenelines podcast. I had the privilege to talk with Dee Barnes and hear her story of walking out of same-sex attraction over 30 years ago and how it has led her on a mission to bring hope and healing to others who are struggling. 

ALONG THE WAY: Healed from a Stroke – with Jon Shaffer

A sudden medical emergency nearly ended his life, but God wasn’t done with his journey. Three days after his previous AlongTheWay interview, Jon Shaffer suffered a stroke in front of his family. His faith in Jesus and his will to recover his life propelled forward into a new season of life with a new perspective. 

ALONG THE WAY: Engaging the Supernatural – with Shaun Tabatt

If you want to Engage the Supernatural then Shaun Tabatt’s new tv program will help you take steps to engage the supernatural in your life. Podcasting has opened doors to amazing, life-changing relationships that have led him to his own journey with the supernatural. Now he’s digging deeper to help others in their ability to engage the supernatural!

ALONG THE WAY: What are the Stakes? – with Steve Hemphill

Spiritual warfare is constantly around us so we need a battle plan to counter the spiritual attacks and defend our family, but what are the stakes? Steve Hemphill is the host of the “Battle Plan with Steve Hemphill Podcast” and he has amazing stories of staking scriptures around houses, cars, and other strategic locations.

ALONG THE WAY: The Sound of Heaven – with Jackie Baker

Worship and Faith lead you on amazing journeys with the Lord and into His Presence. Jackie Baker specializes in leading people into the Presence of the Lord through soaking and prophetic worship in addition to corporate worship.

ALONG THE WAY: “The Dreams Guy” – with John E Thomas

  Along The Way Hosted by John Matarazzo AUDIO PODCAST God speaks through dreams but  they aren’t as cryptic as you might think.“The Dreams Guy” John E Thomas explains how you can understand the hidden meaning behind the nighttime visions and how he learned how to help others understand the deeper meanings. Dream Interpretation Steps […]