John Matarazzo

ALONG THE WAY: The Sound of Heaven – with Jackie Baker

Worship and Faith lead you on amazing journeys with the Lord and into His Presence. Jackie Baker specializes in leading people into the Presence of the Lord through soaking and prophetic worship in addition to corporate worship.

ALONG THE WAY: “The Dreams Guy” – with John E Thomas

  Along The Way Hosted by John Matarazzo AUDIO PODCAST God speaks through dreams but  they aren’t as cryptic as you might think.“The Dreams Guy” John E Thomas explains how you can understand the hidden meaning behind the nighttime visions and how he learned how to help others understand the deeper meanings. Dream Interpretation Steps […]

ALONG THE WAY: Marriage Miracle – with Jay and Jolin Morris

When a “Crazy Jesus Lady” entered her shop, Jolin Morris’ life started to miraculously change. Her relationship with her ex-husband, Jay, was rocky at best but God wasn’t done with them yet. Hear as they share the miraculous journey of how their marriage was miraculously restored!

ALONG THE WAY: Godfather to Father God – with Pete Giacalone

Disowned by his Mafia Father for being a Christian, Pete Giacalone learned to see God as his father, and eventually, his relationship was restored. Listen as Pastor Pete explains how the key of forgiveness unlocked true freedom and actually saved his life!

ALONG THE WAY: Sacred Rest – with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Life pulls us a thousand miles an hour in so many directions leaving us burnt out and empty. Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith has a proven strategy to recover your life, renew your energy, and restore your sanity. Join her AlongTheWay as she uncovers the secrets of “Sacred Rest.”

ALONG THE WAY: 100 Journeys AlongTheWay – Featuring Doug Stringer

For 100 episodes, host and Fellow Traveler, John Matarazzo has been joining people along their way as he’s tried to become more like Jesus every day. Doug Stringer returns for this milestone episode and they look back at God’s faithfulness and the lessons learned AlongTheWay.

ALONG THE WAY: The Road Isn’t Over! – with Jon Shaffer

Jon Shaffer thought the only way he would survive to be 21 was if he was safely in a jail cell. After that self-fulfilling prophecy, Jesus changed his life, gave him a purpose, and called him back to impact his old “Hood” for the Kingdom.

ALONG THE WAY: Jerusalem Rising – Part 2 with Doug Hershey

Doug Hershey returns to discuss the story behind “Jerusalem Rising”. His second book in the Ancient Prophecy Modern Lens series chronicles the fascinating stories behind the “Then and Now” style pictures that reveal prophecy being fulfilled in front of your eyes.

ALONG THE WAY: Dignity Revolution – with Bob Lenz

Since 1983, Bob Lenz has combined his love of Live Concerts, Community Outreach, and the Love of Jesus for some of the biggest Christian music events in the nation. His passion to see a dignity revolution change our youth has opened doors to amazing opportunities to promote value, courage, and respect.

ALONG THE WAY: Quarantine Check Up – with Doug Smith

Host & Fellow Traveler, John Matarazzo, “checks up” on his friends from the past year to see how they are doing during the Worldwide quarantine and what God is speaking during this time, and where they see hope for tomorrow!

ALONG THE WAY: God and Cancel Culture – with Steven Strang, Founder of Charisma Media

  Along The Way Hosted by John Matarazzo AUDIO PODCAST Steven Strang is leading the fight against “Cancel Culture.” He is the founder and owner of Charisma Media which includes Charisma Publishing, Charisma Magazine, and the Charisma Podcast Network. His latest book “God and Cancel Culture,” will encourage you to stand strong for what you […]

ALONG THE WAY: The Influencer Impact – with Maria Armstrong

Maria Armstrong was living in a dark place away from God when a friend invited her to church. That simple invitation drastically changed the course of her life. Now Maria is inviting people to meet Jesus through her platform as a social media influencer.

ALONG THE WAY: The Red Sea Miracle – Tim Mahoney is BACK

Tim Mahoney’s search for Patterns of Evidence is far from complete. His latest films present the 2 major views of the Red Sea Miracle and follow the evidence where it leads. Was the miracle of the Red Sea parting really as epic as portrayed by Cecil B. DeMille??? Follow filmmaker Tim Mahoney as he reveals the Patterns of Evidence he has discovered along his way.