Erin Olson


We should never allow the enemy to dissuade us from praying or lull us into the sense that prayer does not make a difference. Prayer can change things.


A warning for people: only listen to prophecies which line up with God’s Word. Don’t fall for prophetic words confirming sin and unrighteous living.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Spiritual Orphans – Part 1

In this episode, Erin Olson discusses her book, Spiritual Orphans, and how the problems we are facing are spiritual issues manifesting themselves in the physical. We cannot experience heaven on earth with so many people disconnected from their Heavenly Father.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Seize the Opportunities

In this episode, Erin Olson discusses Acts 3. There are several key things that occurred during this chapter. Peter seized on a Holy Spirit moment, a lame man was healed, and Peter preached the Gospel.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: What If They Hadn’t Obeyed?

For ten days after Jesus’s ascension, the disciples obeyed this command. They gathered together waiting and praying with one another. Unlike the three days between Jesus’s death and resurrection where the disciples were scattered, this time they stayed together. 

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Why is it So Hard to be a Christian Today?

Lessons from 2 Timothy 3 – In this episode, Erin Olson discusses why it is so hard to be a Christian today during times when people are seeking pleasure more than they are seeking God. Erin continues in her teaching series of 2 Timothy and discusses Paul’s charge to Timothy in chapter 3.