Denise Pass

BLACK AND WHITE: Gender Wars—Finding Our True Identity

Episode #109 – What is truth? This question has been asked for thousands of years and thank God that there is objective truth that we can live by. When lies have deceived us, God can clear up the confusion we face in our day. Listen in as we seek to find the truth as we discuss the facts behind the roots of Gender confusion and finding our identity in Christ.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Art of Friendship – with Kim Wier (Part 2)

Episode #108 – To find a good friend, we have to be one. Friendship goals are about so much more than us. When we understand the value that God places on relationships, we see the purposes in friendships are all about Kingdom work. And when we invest selflessly, God provides dear friends in our lives.


In today’s episode, Denise continues the discussion of God’s Real Gifts for Christmas and the rest of the year by addressing what we hear. She shares four significant ways we can hear from God in our daily lives.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Art of Friendship – with Kim Wier (Part 1)

Episode #107 – Friendship is hard to come by in a world where we can have 1,000 friends on social media but hardly ever interact with them. But God made us for fellowship and there is an art to friendship that can help us to move past the obstacles that hinder true community.


Denise addresses the topic of seeing and hearing God’s real gifts to us for Christmas and the rest of the year. She shares three things we need in order to see what God places before us.

BLACK AND WHITE: How to Form Healthy Relationships

Episode #106 – Relationships can be tricky. Expectations and selfishness can kill relationships. To find a healthy relationship we have to be healthy ourselves. And perhaps our goal in the relationship is about serving and blessing others rather than wondering what those relationships can do for us. Listen in as we consider how we can form godly relationships in our lives.

BLACK AND WHITE: How to Deal with Toxic Relationships

Episode #105 – For the next month, we are going to focus on our relationships with one another. Toxicity in relationships is a part of the fall. Sin corrupts. But no matter what the problems are that we have in our relationships, God can help us to relate to one another. Listen in as Denise and Allison share how to deal with toxic relationships.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: True Grit Grows Gratitude

As Denise continues the discussion on real gratitude, she turns her attention to the need for true grit. Check out her thoughts from a previous health crisis that showed her that the grit that grows gratitude often is the irritant that forms a pearl as we cast our pain onto God’s grace.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: No Longer a Sunshine Patriot

In today’s episode, she encourages us to throw off the temptation to be a sunshine patriot—a person dedicated to a cause only when it’s easy. Listen in as she shares from personal experience the persistence needed to remain grateful when trials came her way.

BLACK AND WHITE: Meet Allison!

Episode #100 – In our 100th episode, get to know Allison Mayberry, Denise’s new podcast partner, as she shares some of her story.

BLACK AND WHITE: Choosing Gratitude In the Middle of Hard

Episode #95 – Can we really choose gratitude in the hard places? How? We can be in a hard place and not become hardened. Listen in to this episode as Denise and Angela finish this series on gratitude and learn how to be set free from the prison of ingratitude.