Chris and Jamie Bailey

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Three Expectations in Marriage

Do you expect things from your spouse? Do you ever wonder if you should or not? Well, in this episode, we are talking about 3 common expectations that couples have that might be causing some struggle in their marriages.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The Truth about Nagging and Complaining

In this episode, we’re having an honest, “tell it like it is” conversation on the topic of nagging and complaining. And we’re going to be talking to your wife… AND you, husband! Join us if you want the truth, some understanding, validation, and perhaps a little Holy Spirit conviction.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: When Your Spouse has Chronic Pain

In today’s episode, Jamie shares her own story of chronic pain and what our relationship dynamic looks like as we navigate this in our own marriage. We also talk about all the ways pain can affect your relationship and the special needs that these relationships have while we help you navigate the chronic pain journey too.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Are You Disconnected in Your Marriage

What do you do when you feel disconnected in your marriage? How do you even know if disconnection is what’s even happening? In today’s episode, we will be answering both questions. Tune in and find out how significant dealing with disconnection in your marriage can be.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: The Problem with Right Fighting

Do you find it tough to be wrong, or even tougher to allow your spouse to be wrong without correcting them? We used to struggle with this too. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is a better way; a way where instead of being pinned up against one another, you’re actually getting a win for your marriage!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Do you Need Marriage Counseling?

Do you know the difference between what normal problems are versus what real, we need help, problems are? In this episode, we’re getting real and honest as we share 8 signs that your marriage may need some professional help. Trust us when we say that this is information you truly want.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: How to Support your Spouse in Need

Are you or your spouse facing a hard time? Has life just been rough for one or both of you lately? If so, you’ll want to tune in for this episode. We’re sharing some encouragement and some practical tips on how to show up in times of need for one another.r spouse or if it sounds like you, today’s episode on avoiding in marriage is for you!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Avoiders in Marriage

Does your spouse constantly walk away or shut down communication with you? Do they struggle or rarely share how they feel, except for anger? Maybe you find yourself struggling to believe that they even care about you anymore. If any of this sounds like your spouse or if it sounds like you, today’s episode on avoiding in marriage is for you!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: What Adult Children Need from You

Do you have adult children, or are you dreading the day when they become adults and fly out of the nest? Well, today’s episode is for you. Your job as mom and dad is not over, so don’t worry about that, BUT, it will look different than it has for the last 18 years.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Why Married Couples Need Friends

We need friends in our lives. God designed us for community and for relationships. When He says we’re better together, we need to believe Him. But what if it’s hard and we don’t think we need friends or have no idea how to make them?

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: What Happened to Us? How to Become Best Friends Again

Is your marriage in a funk? Have you lost the friendship that you once had? Let today’s episode be just the encouragement you need to rekindle that long-lost friendship. It’s vital to the longevity of your marriage and on this episode, we’re letting you know why and giving you some tips on how to get it back!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Bad Marriage Advice – Part 2

In today’s part 2 conversation, we’re tackling some bad advice around the topic of sex and pornography, and you’ll likely not believe some of the stats we’re sharing. We even share some hard truths about bad advice that can come from the church. Have a listen today as we try to set the record straight on these tough topics.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Don’t Listen to This! Bad Marriage Advice – Part 1

Have you ever gotten horrible marriage advice? What about advice that you thought sounded good but turned out it really wasn’t? In today’s episode, we’re shedding some light on some of what we believe to be some bad advice that won’t help your marriage. In fact, we’re so passionate about you hearing the truth about your marriage that we made this a 2-part series.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Do you Avoid Conflict? Find Out Why!

Is conflict something you tend to run from? Does the mere thought of someone, especially your spouse, being upset with you almost throw you into a panic? If this is you, or your spouse, we’ve got you covered on today’s episode! Join us as we shed some light and some hope on the reasons that might be fueling your disdain for conflict.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Special Episode – Jamie’s Redemption Story

What is God able to do when you grow up in a dysfunctional, abusive home? Suffer pain and despair so bad that there is not one, but 2 suicide attempts? End up a high school dropout and living with a physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive boyfriend? Become a pregnant teenager in a marriage filled with adultery and domestic violence?