Brian Fletcher


Episode #42 – Everyone wants to live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Listen and find out exactly what the key to life is.

BRIAN FLETCHER: How did I miss this Verse before now?

Episode #38 – There is a verse in 2 Corinthians that I seemingly have never read before. I think because of where the verse is in relation to some other more “famous” verses. Check out how encouraging this one verse is.

BRIAN FLETCHER: Spiritual Mountaineering

Episode #25 – In this episode, I read a chapter out of J. Oswald Sanders’ book, A Spiritual Clinic. In this chapter, he retells the courageous story of Caleb, a man “wholly committed to the Lord.”

BRIAN FLETCHER: Living with Purpose

Episode #22 – A life lived with purpose transforms lives. We were not created and gifted to just serve ourselves but for others. Live life to the fullest by using your God-given gifts.