Angela Donadio

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Awakened to the Spirit – with Becky Thompson

How well do you know the Holy Spirit? How real is He in your everyday life? Becky Thompson, bestselling author, and creator of the Midnight Mom Devotional (a community gathering of more than one million moms in nightly prayer,) invites us into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Matter of Life – with Tracy Robinson

In this very special episode, I sit down with filmmaker Tracy Robinson to talk about the award-winning documentary, The Matter of Life. The leading human rights issue of our day, one million babies die by abortion in the United States every year.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Southern Fried Humor – with Jane Herlong

Episode #167 – No matter where we are from, our stories are what truly connect us. Jane Herlong, Sirius XM Southern Humorist, speaker, and recording artist brings 50 unique stories to her new book, Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep-Fried South. She brings joy and humor to today’s episode.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Distraction Detox – with Billie Jauss

Episode #161 – Despite the real-world challenges, we all face, the biggest obstacle we will ever have to overcome is our own minds. Billie Jauss is here to help us leave our emotional barriers behind so we can find peace and purpose.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unleash the Power of Praise – with Becky Harling

Episode #158 – How do we turn panic into praise? Becky Harling understands what it’s like to feel stuck and what it takes to overcome those obstacles. As a survivor of both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse, praise was the key that unlocked kingdom purpose in her life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Uncomplicate Friendship – with Andi Andrew

Episode #156 – Why is friendship at times so complicated? Andi Andrew is here today to help us do away with the drama and create an authentic connection. Andi is the author of She Is Free, Fake or Follower, and her newest book, Friendship–It’s Complicated.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Radical Faith – with Adam Field

Episode #153 – Evangelist Adam Field will fire you up to live with radical faith. Originally from Ireland, he founded Comission to ignite a passion for evangelism in local churches across the United States. He is fearless in his mission to see people encounter the love of God and be drawn into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Breath that Changed Everything – with Daniel Kooman

Episode #152 – Let’s overcome negative emotions and operate in authority. Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Kooman is here to help us shift our atmosphere and impact those around us and our relationship with God. Daniel shares the creation story in a distinctive and inspiring way by highlighting the three unique breaths from God and how they have affected us.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Rhythm for the New Year

Episode #151 – “Rest is an invitation to reset the strained sinews of our soul. As we embrace rest, we make peace with the sacred space of less.” This 4-part Series from Angela’s Devotional “Astounded” will help us grow in grace, prayer, hope, and rhythm for the new year.