Angela Donadio

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 – Moving Forward

Angela shares some of the most memorable moments of Season 1, exciting updates, and a sneak peek into Season 2 launching in February! Part 1 of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Carol McLeod, Jessie Seneca, Manouchka Charles, and Dr. Hakeem Collins. These impacting moments will encourage you to move forward in 2021 with confidence in God no matter what.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Faith in the Face of ALS – with Tony and Cori Nunez

Episode #192 – While ALS continues to add physical limitations to Tony Nunez and has deteriorated his body, Tony and his wife, Cori, know God is faithful and has a purpose in all things and are pressing forward through this diagnosis to serve the students and further the gospel at all costs. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Value What God Values – with Pastor Manouchka Charles

Episode #186 – In 2018, Manouchka was involved in a horrific car accident that put her life at risk. Faith, and those around her, helped Manouchka get through this difficult season of her life. Through her testimony, she is encouraging and has a great impact on the lives of people around the world.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Sanctity of Life – Before You Were Born

Episode #185 – God knew you before you were born. He created you on purpose and with purpose. Angela Donadio shares a timely and poignant message of truth, healing, and hope, for anyone living in the shadow of abortion and for those seeking a Biblical perspective on the sanctity of life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Overcome Insurmountable Odds – with JT Jester

Episode #182 – JT Jester shares his incredible story of how he overcame what seemed like insurmountable medical odds to make life matter as an adventure enthusiast who encourages us to embrace challenges, find our tribe, and live by the motto that there are no bad days – only hard ones.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hang in There Girl – with Cally Logan

Episode #180 – Is it possible to fearlessly, sincerely, and intentionally pursue a life in Christ as a modern young woman? Cally Logan is a fresh voice of encouragement for women longing to navigate today’s challenges with authentic faith.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hope in Heartache

Episode #179 – Our hearts and minds are reeling this week here in the United States after the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. What do we do when our expectations are shattered? This short devotion encourages our fragile hearts and reminds us that we can truly experience hope in heartache.  

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Can Life Be Good Again? – with

Episode #178 – What do you do when you’re suddenly navigating a life you didn’t sign up for? Lisa Appelo understands deeply. She’s experienced the raw emotions and uncertainty that come when everything falls apart.