Angela Donadio

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Bringing Children Hope – with Denise May

Episode #120 – During the pandemic, anxiety levels sky-rocketed among children. After watching her students struggle in the shut-down, Denise May authored “Emmy’s Big Change” to help students navigate change, process anxiety, and inspire hope.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Dream Come True – with Jenny Randle

Episode #119 – In her new book, Dream Come True, you’ll discover how God pours passion and vision into your life, and you’ll find practical answers to that all-important question, “What do I do next?” Dreams do come true when you partner with God to make them a reality.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Don’t Miss Out on the Holy Spirit – with Jeannie Cunnion

Episode #118 – “We don’t need more willpower. We need more Spirit power.” When it comes to the third person of the Trinity, many Christians’ views are murky at best. The Holy Spirit has been misunderstood, marginalized, and even maligned. But what if a relationship with the Holy Spirit is the missing link to a fulfilling spiritual life?

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Tear Off Labels – Rahab

Episode #117 – Rahab let grace tear off the labels she had worn. She refused to allow anything to diminish her value to the kingdom of God. No matter what we have done, or what has been done to us, nothing can keep God from using us. God will use the worst of circumstances to bring out the best in us

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Sheila Walsh—Holding On When You Want to Let Go

Episode #115 – Sheila Walsh is a bestselling author who’s sold almost six million books. She served as the co-host of a national television program and a core speaker on the wildly popular Women of Faith touring event with millions attending. In her new book, Holding On When You Want to Let Go, Sheila talks openly about how the global pandemic magnified and exacerbated her struggles, and how she continues to hold on to hope each day.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Grit Intersects Grace – Rahab

Episode #114 – Rahab’s life points us to grace. Grace is the undoing of something old and the unfolding of something new. It is the awareness that God picks us up out of the rubble and leads us to safety. It is the realization that God longs to save us, redeem us, and use us. It is the promise that we will no longer remain paralyzed by our past, but we will walk fearlessly into all that lies ahead.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Live Free Through a Surrendered Yes – with Rebekah Lyons

Episode #112 – Bestselling author, podcast host, and national speaker Rebekah Lyons spent years battling fear, anxiety, and panic until she found freedom in surrendering her yes to God. From moving to New York City with young children to adopting a child with Down syndrome from China, Rebekah realized that saying yes to who God says you are in Him, even in the small, ordinary moments of life, can create renewed spiritual vitality.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Give Faith Space to Breathe

Episode #111 – When we choose to say “yes” to the kindness of God, He pulls us out of our Jericho places that try to drag us toward destruction. And it’s a “yes” that’s more than a word: it’s a life that demonstrates real faith. Disobedience tries to derail our destiny, one choice at a time. But obedience opens the door to opportunity when we give faith space to breathe.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: How to Be Used by God – with Lisa Whittle

Episode #109 – In a world riddled with hard things, how can life be good? When bestselling author and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle lost her beloved father in 2017, she found herself wondering the same question and beginning her journey of the hard good.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Against all Odds Rahab

Episode #108 – Today, we meet Rahab. I’m so challenged by her courage. It’s much easier to just blend in with the crowd than to stand up for what is right. Let’s get to know this amazing woman who stood out – and dared to do extraordinary things –  because of her faith.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Supernatural Rescue – with Kevin Malone

Episode #107 – Kevin Malone was the General Manager of Major League Baseball teams and Marilyn, was supermom while Kevin focused on work. Then suddenly, life imploded. Lean in for this powerful story of undeniable grace as we talk about the film, The Shawn Miracle.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Beauty for Ashes – with Susanne Cox

Episode #106 – By the time Susanne Cox was 13 years old, she was already in her first drug treatment center and a full-blown alcoholic. By the time she was 23, she was a cocaine addict whose life had spiraled out of control. Now, she is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, Founder of Legacy of Purpose

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Challenges Shape Calling

Episode #105 – Too often, we let challenges build barriers that keep us from fearless living. Instead, let’s use them to build bridges that carry us to our greatest impact.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Take Every Thought Captive – with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Episode #104 – World-renowned neuroscientist and best-selling author, Dr. Caroline Leaf shares from her brand-new book, “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess,” that we shouldn’t settle into this mental mess as if it’s just our new normal. There’s hope and help available to us to recognize warning signals, remove labels and lies, and shape our thoughts through the Word of God and key steps for mind management.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Miraculously Healed with Jan Aldridge

Episode #103 – Jan Aldridge was born with a rare birth defect and offered a corrective surgery with one catch: she would never speak again. She was miraculously healed at the age of seventeen, and her powerful story will leave you awestruck at the goodness of God.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Divine Opportunities

Episode #102 – Ordinary moments become extraordinary when our obedience intersects with God’s provision. We learn how to flex our faith muscles by saying yes to God in small decisions.