Angela Donadio

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unleash the Power of Praise – with Becky Harling

Episode #158 – How do we turn panic into praise? Becky Harling understands what it’s like to feel stuck and what it takes to overcome those obstacles. As a survivor of both breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse, praise was the key that unlocked kingdom purpose in her life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Uncomplicate Friendship – with Andi Andrew

Episode #156 – Why is friendship at times so complicated? Andi Andrew is here today to help us do away with the drama and create an authentic connection. Andi is the author of She Is Free, Fake or Follower, and her newest book, Friendship–It’s Complicated.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Radical Faith – with Adam Field

Episode #153 – Evangelist Adam Field will fire you up to live with radical faith. Originally from Ireland, he founded Comission to ignite a passion for evangelism in local churches across the United States. He is fearless in his mission to see people encounter the love of God and be drawn into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Breath that Changed Everything – with Daniel Kooman

Episode #152 – Let’s overcome negative emotions and operate in authority. Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Kooman is here to help us shift our atmosphere and impact those around us and our relationship with God. Daniel shares the creation story in a distinctive and inspiring way by highlighting the three unique breaths from God and how they have affected us.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Rhythm for the New Year

Episode #151 – “Rest is an invitation to reset the strained sinews of our soul. As we embrace rest, we make peace with the sacred space of less.” This 4-part Series from Angela’s Devotional “Astounded” will help us grow in grace, prayer, hope, and rhythm for the new year.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: A Legacy Leader – with Will Graham

Episode #149 – As the grandson of Billy Graham and son of Franklin Graham, Will Graham knows what it takes to live as a legacy leader. He shares some of his most meaningful moments with his grandfather and a challenge to us in 2022.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hope for the New Year

Episode #149 – “An unopened Bible is a sign of an overextended life.” This 4-part Series from Angela’s Devotional “Astounded” will help us grow in grace, prayer, hope, and rhythm for the new year.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: A Limitless Life – with Dr. Jamie Morgan

Episode #148 – Thirsty for personal and spiritual revival this year? Get ready to live a limitless life with Dr. Jamie Morgan, the author of “Thirsty: A 31-Day Journey to Personal Revival,” host of the top-ranked “FireStarter Podcast,” senior pastor, and leader of Trailblazer Mentoring Network for women in ministry.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: SHIFT Your Strategy – with Dr. Elisa Harney

Episode #146 – Dr. Elisa Harney uses information, instruction, and impartation to help today’s leaders increase their presence, platform, performance, and profit. Dr. E will share her S.H.I.F.T. Strategy, her personal methodology that she uses to help herself and others to get out of Park, Reverse, and Neutral to shift into Drive.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Grace for the New Year

Episode #145 – “Practice the grace erase by rubbing mistakes out instead of rubbing them in.” This 4-part Series from Angela’s Devotional “Astounded” will help us grow in grace, prayer, hope, and rhythm for the new year.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Win the Day – with Mark Batterson

Episode #144 – Mark Batterson is here to help us know how to “Win the Day.” This is the jump start you need to go after God-sized goals and develop new powerful habits to help you stress less and accomplish more.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Fight for Freedom – with Sharon Bolan

Episode #143 – Ready for a reset for 2022? Born in exotic British Guyana, Sharon Bolan went on to have a career as a fashion model and had a life-changing encounter with God and His Word following an extensive, mysterious illness. Now she’s an evangelist and author who will encourage you to experience power in your prayer life and fight for a life of extraordinary freedom.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

Episode #141 – On a trip to the Holy Land, my Christmas gift came early one year in a little town called Bethlehem. Beauty is still found in the most unexpected places. It was here that God gave the greatest gift – grace intersected humanity.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Incredible Intervention – with Christy Christopher

Episode #138 – Author and speaker Christy Christopher knows what it’s like to live in the miraculous. She shares real-life stories from her latest book, Incredible Intervention to help us grow in expectancy and passion in our prayer life and give us key takeaways of the mindset of a giant slayer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Grieving Through the Holiday Season – with Nancy Hicks

Episode #135 – For former QVC Spokesperson, author, speaker, and host of the So What? Why It Matters podcast, Nancy Hicks, this year, the holiday season will be especially hard. It’s the first holiday season without her oldest son, David, who passed away in May this year after a courageous battle with colon cancer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Created for Delight – with Karina Negron

Episode #134 – Karina Negron is a Puerto Rican Ph.D. scientist, a mom of two boys, a pastor’s wife, a worship leader, and a creative individual who loves Jesus and her family more than anything in this world. She is the Founder of Created for Delight and my fearless friend!