Personal Growth

A Simple Confession

My own self-reliance at work in its finest. An always simmering pot in the middle of the mundane.

I Am Thirsty

God loves when His people hunger and thirst for Him. That hunger brings forth blessings.  

Come and Drink

The words on the paper page came into focus again.  “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. 


We should never allow the enemy to dissuade us from praying or lull us into the sense that prayer does not make a difference. Prayer can change things.

ALONG THE WAY: Upon This ROCK I Will Build with John Schlitt

John’s story is one of second chances and a redeemed music career. Before Christ, he was in a successful band but his life was a drug-filled disaster. He thought that he would never be in music again but then everything changed with a phone call…

LIV2DAY: Rest – Practice 5 Types for Optimum Health

Did you know there are five types of rest we each need to practice to ensure our optimum health? In this episode, Dr. Paula explains those types and debunks the myth that our “best self” is defined by our productivity.

The Power Of I AM

Remember the I AM is where God’s people get their strength and power.

Finding Your Way Home

Running frantically when you have lost your way only gets you more lost. This is where we must stop, get still and know that he is God.

The Gardner and the Vine

The word abide can be translated to hang in there. It also means to dwell, endure and even suffer.