Personal Growth


Satan aims to convince you that you are isolated, irredeemable, and a failure. Instead, when you feel lonely, open up your Bible and agree with God about how loved you are. Join Carol this week as she teaches from 2 Samuel 17 and reminds us that God will never leave us.

Time of Preparation

When direction is given, burdens are relieved, comforts are received, and strength is granted.

A Great Mercy

God’s justice will have its way if those who profess to follow the Lord choose to walk in His mercy no matter how challenging that choice will be or who it might offend. 

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church – Toxic Group Identity

Part 17 – Join Tennison and Ginelle as they discuss some very easy ways that churches and community build their group identity around very toxic and potentially destructive things.  These usually start as a “great way to minister” to a group of people, but if gone unchecked you can begin to identity yourself as your malfunction, (who we are when we are not acting like ourselves.)


Dishes flying! Mouth bypassing the brain on-ramp! Soda cans of emotion randomly exploding! Where did THAT come from?! Join Stephen and Crystal to learn about the power of awareness, where THAT came from, and what to do about it-—so YOU can have the life quality you desire!

Fountain of Youth

I have always emphatically believed that when you are young … you really don’t appreciate it.

ALONG THE WAY: The Sound of Heaven – with Jackie Baker

Worship and Faith lead you on amazing journeys with the Lord and into His Presence. Jackie Baker specializes in leading people into the Presence of the Lord through soaking and prophetic worship in addition to corporate worship.

The Rise of the Overcomers

Don’t give up or give in, because of the pressures around you, He that is in you is greater than He that’s in the world around you!

JOLT OF JOY PODCAST: Stress and the Word of God

We all have things we turn to for distraction and rest during times of stress, but some of them only make the problem worse. Join Carol this week as she shares from 2nd Samuel and Judges, teaching us all about one kind of stress eating that can only make things better: feasting on the word of God!

LIV2DAY: Near Death Experience

In this episode, Dr.Paula shares a second miracle in follow-up to episode #47’s “Miracles STILL HAppen” episode. This time, her near-death experience inspires not only herself but also others around her. Soon she discovers a new bond through an old friend, by divine appointment. You won’t want to miss this episode!

The Great Omission

He’s the Fountain of living waters. And similar to how He made you to be dependent on water in the natural, He made you to drink of Him on a very regular basis.