The Black Pill

Exhausted from the disappointment of the fraud election, many have simply given up.

MEMORIAL DAY 2021: Honoring and Mourning Our Fallen Soldiers

MEMORIAL DAY 2021 On this day, Kingdom Winds honors and mourns our military who gave their lives to protect our freedoms, liberties, and way of life. We also pay tribute to our veterans and active military for their sacrifice and service to our nation. 

Perfection Not Required

What God looks for is someone who is willing, someone who leans on His strength, and does things His way.

This is It!

The goal is to indoctrinate young people with the false narrative that America invented slavery.

Somthing Changed the Way I Pray for America

Just as God came down and confused the languages at the tower of Babel, I declare that confusion and division will come between the leftist powers in the media and government.