Beyond Performance To Presence

Episode #108 – What did we do as a result of the fear surrounding the virus? Well, the University of Washington canceled in-person classes until the end of the month.

Matthew’s Gospel: Innocents

God does not run the universe at the level of our understanding. There will always be more questions than answers in this life.

Song Feature: Raise a Hallelujah

We don’t just praise Him when life is going well or when we’ve made it through the trial we endured. We lift up our hallelujah in the middle of the storm, knowing He’s there with us.

Three Days Later

With his last breath, as spirit separated from broken body, he whooshed through a darkened vortex of time engulfed by eternity

The Curse of Assumptions

It’s not about me as much as I think it’s about me, and I shouldn’t assume it is. It’s amazing how often people don’t think about me!

Find Rest In The Awakening

Rest is not inactivity but rather it is the activity of victory, the peace that comes with the finished work and the joy that comes when desire is fulfilled.

Trusting The Mercy In God’s NO

In the days and weeks ahead, when ambition seeks to trample humility, let’s take a page out of Moses’ life and opt instead to see the mercy in God’s discipline; the mercy in His “no.”

Renewing Our Mindset: Part 2

Just because we think a thought, it does not mean it is true. And if it is true, it does not mean we have to be condemned by it.