Current Events

Star Struck

No matter who we are listening to or admiring from afar, our focus and greatest attention should be steadily on Him.

Superhero Parallels

Our culture proclaims, “You only save yourself,” but box-office statistics and God-spoken Scripture tell us otherwise. Despite our best efforts, we need a Savior.

What Is Justice Anyway?

How do we determine if something is just or unjust? We let God decide. There is no justice without the constant of God’s truth.

Black History: Why Talk About It?

The best way we can celebrate and honor Black History is to teach the next generation how to be like those who persevered. We must teach what’s possible now and in the future by reminding them of what’s been accomplished already.

A New York State of Despair

New York—and I am afraid the rest of us—will reap what we have sown in the area of abortion. I fear the consequences will not just be related to a lack of tax revenue. Part of the brilliance, ingenuity, creativity, and purpose of two generations now will never be realized.

Advocating Pro-Life on a Sidewalk

They stand determinedly outside the facility and wave to incoming drivers, praying for an opportunity to share loving, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

Crosspoint of India Builds a Nation

Crosspoint of India is a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting fellowship, transforming communities, and raising up strong leaders for Jesus Christ. Their mission motto is “Changing hearts from the heart of India.”

A21’s Fierce Fight

A21 partners with like-minded global and local community members, otherwise known as ‘A-teams.’ These abolitionist teams are individuals who wish to informally but passionately partner with A21 and help fundraise, campaign, and educate.

MercyMe, They Had Quite a Year

While MercyMe stands with 24 years in the Christian music industry, their 2018 prosperity indicates the band’s inveterate success.

Remember and Give Thanks

Memorial Day and Thanksgiving can’t get much farther from each other on the calendar. On Memorial Day, we see flags and flowers, and on Thanksgiving, we get turkeys and family-filled dinner tables. But the two holidays are actually connected in a few important ways.

The Dark Truth Behind Your Chocolate

It’s really hard to believe that there could be a dark side to chocolate. None of us wants to think that what we’ve been enjoying at birthday parties or weddings has a sad and hidden past. It’s hard to say, but it’s true. In this case, ignorance is most definitely not bliss.

Lauren Daigle’s Rolling Success

Daigle’s debut performances follow her rolling success with the recently released album Look Up Child. According to Billboard Magazine, Look Up Child marks the biggest sales for a Christian album by a woman in over 20 years.

Does Your Smartphone Endorse Child Labor?

As followers of Christ, I think it’s time to put our money where our hearts are–if our hearts are in the right place, that is. Are there things being acquired in terrible ways that we absolutely can go without? What tools do we have to express to our providers that we do not advocate for child labor or slavery of any kind?

Experiencing Awaken the Dawn

The Awaken the Dawn conference occurred October 6th-8th, 2017 and was followed by the Rise Up Gathering on October 9th. Two attendees, Vickie Drake and Elizabeth Jones, recently shared their records of the event.

An Outcry for the Local Church

More than just a concert or a seasonal tour, the OUTCRY experience feels like a four-hour Spirit-packed conference that squeezes in tons of encouragement.

The Flag, Kneeling, and a Kingdom Mindset

Which side should Christians support in the controversy between the National Anthem/American Flag and kneeling NFL players? The answer is found only when people realize their new identity in Christ.