Current Events

The Shifting Baseline Syndrome

To combat the disease of this shift, the Lord is calling His Church to return to a simple and uncluttered expression of faith.

Unmasking Our Reality

We are living in a moment of historic exposure that only comes in challenging times when our assumed reality is unmasked and revealed for evaluation.

The Great Turnaround

The demonic influences that have ruled over America for decades will be overcome by the power of God manifesting through His people.

What’s Next?

God is getting ready to move in the Church and within nations in unprecedented ways.

Solemnly Gather

Let us be the generation that is marked by a dependence upon the Lord like no other generation in history.

To the Point

Prophets standing on the wall of culture as watchmen are making stark, to-the-point announcements.

The Last Word

In all the turmoil and injustice that is taking place, God’s plan of redemption is present and at work.


Peace takes our hands off the control and allows our Sovereign God to reign and manage and heal and repair.

Look Up

This is not a season to get caught in the doom and gloom that appears to be looming in the natural.

Discerning Trigger Events

We need the discerning presence of the Spirit to see above and beyond what is being presented and assumed as fact.