Current Events

When Outliers Speak

Demeaning the prophetic message of the outliers is rising in popularity today, sadly, even from some pulpits. 

Hard Choices

Let this warning act as a call to My people to repentance and to prayer.

What are You Waiting For?

Pastors should not be looking at how their preaching might offend hypocrites. They should be looking to the fields.


Can you believe some of the things that are happening today? I’m continually shaking my head. How could things get more absurd? What on earth is going on anyway? Tune in this week as we talk about the absurdity going on in America. 

Regime Change

When a transition of leadership begins, God will give unique wisdom to those who are considered wise by God’s definition of wisdom.

When Truth Prevails

For those who view this time of human desperation through the lens of God’s Spirit, this is a time of tremendous opportunity.

Where’s Your Voice?

It is time to no longer remain silent. We must be determined to stand up and stand together and say, “enough!”

A Storm is Coming

As the intensity of national and international drama intensifies, step off the vessel of your life and stand on the dock.