Influences on Discipleship

As Christians, we are to immerse ourselves in the scriptures and in the life of the church so that we learn to resist the ideas and practices that might hinder us from becoming faithful disciples.

What Do We Mean By Equality? (3 of 4)

It’s important that we recognize that equality isn’t really about having everyone declared the same . . . but rather, whether or not we recognize everyone as having an immutable baseline of dignity and worth.

Love Protects

If someone is looking for a faith that is non-pulsed, loved by all, and easily digested without conflict, Christianity is the wrong choice.

Speaking from the Edge

An uptight, constipated version of faith lives on only one side of the coin, thinking the edge represents a compromise.

A Political Apocalypse

This is clearly a political apocalypse, as we watch the mask of pretense fall, revealing the sinister intent of those seeking to control our cultural narrative.

Unholy Alliances

The alliances we form must be closely examined for any element that would lead us to compromise the truth or its expression.

Stir the Water

During these times in our world of God’s truths being twisted, canceled, and destroyed, it is time for ALL believers to stand up and speak out.

Distracted Attention

Some of the cultural heroes we honor in our crippled history were those who faced issues head-on.