The Big Picture

Maintaining a strong faith is what loving our neighbor as ourselves looks like.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Overcoming Fear – with Erica Wiggenhorn

As an award-winning author and the founder of Every Life Ministries, Erica Wiggenhorn teaches the life-transforming truths of Scripture. By digging deeply into God’s Word, Erica encourages you to discover your unique purpose, accept God’s promises, and live by His power.

The Danger of a Church Without Salt

Instead of teaching the whole truth with conviction, we left out all the “how to live a Biblically holy life” parts because we didn’t want people to feel judged.


We should never allow the enemy to dissuade us from praying or lull us into the sense that prayer does not make a difference. Prayer can change things.

Carry On Wayward Sons (and Daughters)

God has a unique purpose for each and every one of us. The need to step into or to continue to tenaciously and faithfully pursue this calling has never been more important than right now!


Best-selling author, Carol Mcleod, shares her story of infertility, depression, and cancer, and how through it all, God has used her to encourage other women who are dealing with pain.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Solution to Racism

Episode #129 – Denise and intern team member Tabatha sum up the month’s podcasts regarding racism. They discuss aspects of our culture that lead to prejudiced attitudes and promote racism.


Join Carol McLeod for the final episode of season 4 of the Significant Women Podcast. It’s been a wonderful season of interviews, but for this final show, instead of an interview, Carol herself shares 9 favorite things; more specifically 9 favorite principles and disciplines for the Christian life.

My Church is a Cult, Part 1

Most of us go to churches that have normal human issues but occasionally some of us encounter something so terrible it can shake the very foundation of our faith.

When All Else Fails

The Scripture has always proven to be the safest of harbors in the stormy seasons of life.

BLACK AND WHITE: Exploring the Shame Behind Racism

Episode #128 – In this episode, Denise Pass examines aspects of shame in racism with Shell Singh, ministry team member of Seeing Deep Ministries. Listen in as they discuss racism across different cultures in both biblical times and the present.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: How Do You Define Evil?

In today’s episode, Erin discusses the tragic events which took place in Uvalde, Texas this past week. She discusses where evil came from and how Christians can navigate reaching those who are hurting, sad, angry, and need help.

The Cut

A unity formed around an infection of deception is still deception no matter how many theological bandages we apply.


Do you love the Word of God? How does it show in your life and actions? Pastor Joe and Pastor Mike discuss how we value the Word of God in our hearts and in our life.