Mental Health

Get on God’s Platform

Finding a daily routine that fits life can definitely feel like a theme park ride on the tallest and most dangerous roller coaster.

Four Days Late

Is He really ever too late?  Or is He always precisely on time when we call to Him, even when we think He has abandoned us?

Living a Labyrinth Life in a Ladder World

This system of competition, rivalry, and classification inevitably put us on ladders, where we rank everything from our gender to our attractiveness to our shoe choice.

Do You Have Eyes to See Them?

Uncomfortable.  That’s what this subject is.  Yet, it seems to be the best time of the year to tackle it. October’s cool breezes swirl the kaleidoscope of colorful leaves in mini whirls, as pumpkin spice mocha tempts me to taste.  My kids beg dad to throw the football in the evening, and we lazily sit […]

On (Over) Busyness: How to Step Away

When we’re too busy, we tend not to make time for proper self-reflection, for processing our thoughts and feelings and fail to grow as a result.

Facing Depression

There is no struggle on this earth that we cannot overcome through Christ.

What If I Tell?

We are trained to forget what happens, told we are crazy or made to think we are just making it up.

Why I Wrote It

In writing this, my prayer is for the voice of “the least of these” to be returned.

A Thousand Times

The weight of judging my offenders, when it’s impossible for me to see their full stories, is something too heavy for me to bear.

Let the Healing Begin

One of the largest challenges I feel most face is the fear of no one believing their story when they have a difficult time even believing it for themselves.