MIMIKA TV: How to Activate your Seer Gift with Ana Werner

Ana Werner says that God is always speaking, but we are not always listening. The Seer anointing gift becomes more accessible when we take the time to develop it with God. With every gift God gives us, He expects us to train in it, just like you would exercise a muscle.

MIMIKA TV: Flip the Fear to Fight the Fight

No matter what your situation is, you can fight the fear and win the fight! Stand firm, sensor your speech, think about what you’re thinking about and see breakthrough. We have the authority as Christ believers to take back our peace, joy, and happiness. We don’t have to be dragged into a mud-slinging match, as that is how we get muddy. Instead, decide today to rise above and be victorious!

MIMIKA TV: Faith Journey from Atheism to Christianity with Dr. Sy Garte

Mimika TV Host: Mimika Cooney PODCAST In todays show we talk about “Faith Journey from Atheism to Christianity” with Dr. Sy Garte. As a former academic atheist, Sy shares his story of his discovery of faith and how science and Christianity go hand in hand. Listen in as she shares his logical progression to discovering […]

DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Preston Ulmer Interview

In this encouraging interview, I sit down with the Founder of the Doubter’s Club, Preston Ulmer. The Doubter’s Club is an amazing bridge-building organization that seeks to meet others where they are and bring them to Jesus through meaningful friendships.

MIMIKA TV: Crisis Encouragement, Check-in and Chat

The world is in the middle of the biggest crisis our generation has seen. The news is inundated with news of the Coronavirus and how its shutting down schools, government, businesses and has us shut in our homes. ​​The news seems all doom and gloom, but we can change how we think and how we react to it.

Interview with Dave Ellis

In today’s podcast, Pastor Daniel Day sits down with LAC Director, Missionary Dave Ellis to discuss the state of missions in Latin America.


Everything that can be shaken will be shaken…BUT…the Kingdom of God will remain strong. In today’s interview with Dr. Wayne Benson, we learn how to remain steadfast in our calling…even when things appear to be shaken!

MIMIKA TV: Finding Rest when You’re Busy and Burnt Out with Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a physician who shares her philosophy that resting is vital for our overall health. She shares in our interview how we were made by God to work from a place of rest, and how we don’t need to work to earn our rest. Listen to what Dr. Dalton-Smith has to say about helping you recover and restore so you can do your best work.

MIMIKA TV: Warrior Dancer

Despite what we see in the world right now, there is always hope. Even though the fight is hard, the good news is that we have already won the battle! The better choice is to rise above the noise and learn to dance.


In this message, we learn what it means to not only be kind but also to be kindhearted. Also…how can a community of believers live out kindness to individuals? This question and more is explored in this message.