THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Scott Wilson Interview

In this enriching conversation, we sit down with Leadership Expert and Author, Scott Wilson, to discuss the principles found in his latest book, IMPACT. STAY TUNED TILL THE END for a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!

MIMIKA TV: Pivot, Adapt, Opportunity

Asking God what His plans are for your life will open up a whole new world for you. Let’s discuss how we can pivot, adapt and look for opportunities amidst the storm.

MIMIKA TV: Breaking Up with Perfect with Ugonna Ukwu

In today’s episode, we talk with Ugonna Ukwu, a personal and health coach that helps others transform their lives. Ugonna talks about surrendering your life to Jesus and giving up perfectionism so you can truly succeed in life and live your purpose.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Tracy Harris Interview

Today’s special guest is Pastor Tracy Harris, Founder of Harvest International Ministry. If you or someone you know has been struggling with BURNOUT or maybe you’ve been tempted to QUIT ON YOUR CALLING…then this conversation is FOR YOU.

MIMIKA TV: Calling and Mindset

If you have lost the idea of what your calling, purpose, gifts, and talents are; you need to peel back the layers to rediscover them. If you have felt stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled in what you are doing, listen and be inspired. You might closer than you think!

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Scotty Gibbons Interview

Do you or someone you know live in constant chronic pain? THEN PLEASE LISTEN to Pastor Scotty Gibbons’ testimony. It will be a great encouragement to your heart! For over 30+ years…he has led ministry at a very high level with constant physical pain.

MIMIKA TV: Healing After Breast Cancer with Tamsin Wroot

This episode is especially special to me as I have my very own sister, Tamsin, on the show. Our family had to endure a heart-wrenching season in 2019 of walking through Tamsin’s breast cancer diagnosis. To say it was a shock to us all is an understatement as she was only 37 years old when diagnosed.

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Dr. Tim Laurito Interview

In today’s conversation, I sit down with author, Dr. Timothy Laurito, to talk about his latest book…Speaking in Tongues. – IF YOU know someone who has questions about this subject…pass this podcast on to them…it will greatly enrich their life and theology.

MIMIKA TV: Embracing Dependency on God – with Angela Donadio

Can you imagine almost losing your life, not once but twice? This is exactly what Angela Donadio had to endure on her path to healing and wholeness. Her story is remarkable. Through her darkest moments, she found that depending on God, was what pulled her through. Listen in and be inspired!

MIMIKA TV: Ditch People Pleasing

Mimika TV Host: Mimika Cooney PODCAST Are you a “Yes-a-holic”? Do you say yes to everything only to find yourself exhausted, disappointed, and frustrated? Then you going to love this episode of Mimika TV. I was recently interviewed on another podcast and I just knew I had to share it with you. It’s my raw […]

MIMIKA TV: Embracing the Seasons

How do you do ministry through your daily life? If you’ve grown up in the Church, you might have thought that unless you’re in full-time ministry working in a church, that you’re not doing God’s work. The reality is that 99% of us are doing God’s work in the marketplace!

THE DANIEL DAY PODCAST: Jeff Leake Interview #2

In today’s interview, we sit down with Pastor and Leadership expert, Jeff Leake, to discuss principles for Multiplication and Leadership from his latest book—”12 Trends in Multiplication: A Study of Reproducing Churches”