Weaponized Morality

So this is where we find ourselves, having crossed the post-Christian cultural tipping point, where our transcendent appreciation of morality is being dragged off to the edge of town, to be thrown on the trash heap.

A Theory of Everything

What thread could I pull through all the disparate parts of me that always seem to get lost in the cognitive white noise of my own self-serving explanation of who I am?

Giving Yourself Away

Because we were made in his image, by design our existence can only find its true orientation when we are in harmony with him.

The Intimacy of Music

Music is able to circumvent our usual cognitive filters so that we might know things in ways our intellect is incapable of explaining.

The Intimacy of Time

Time spent with others creating memories has a particular type of intimacy that lingers long after the events of such shared experiences have passed.

The Intimacy of Food

It’s funny how a single food item can have so many layers of memory associated with it.

Like a Child

The Kingdom of God is found in the suspended disbelief of a child-like nascent expectation of a God who gathers us into his arms.

A Thousand Stars Laughing

So with His praise on our lips, we join in on the song that the entire universe is already vibrating with — on every dimension.

Between Fear and Faith

The common misconception about faith is that it’s somehow at odds with rational thinking, suggesting that a person of faith is being irrational.

Identity Crisis

So here’s what you should meditate on – we were never meant to have an identity apart from God.

A Theory of Everything

Most people experience their lives so sped up that they seldom get a chance to take personal inventory or self-reflect.

Life Boats and Fire Escapes

We’d much rather trust in the predictable certainty of our fears, than place faith in a hope that we can’t control.

An Explainable World

And here’s the crux of the problem – we want an explainable world so we can place our faith in our own understanding.

An Explainable You

Our culture has already assigned to you a social demographic profile that it expects you to live up to.

A Quixotic Moment

Everything about God’s creation is purposeful, ever drawing us back to him.

Between Sorrow and Joy

A fully dimensional life requires a far wider emotional bandwidth than most of us are willing to maintain.