Celebrating MAKE MUSIC DAY

At Kingdom Winds, we join together with everyone across the globe to recognize God’s wonderful blessing and gift of music. It is with particular thankfulness and joy that we celebrate our favorite genre—Praise and Worship music!

MercyMe, They Had Quite a Year

While MercyMe stands with 24 years in the Christian music industry, their 2018 prosperity indicates the band’s inveterate success.

Josh Baldwin’s The War is Over

Josh Baldwin reminds listeners that everything changed after Jesus freely gave Himself. The war with death and the grave ceased, and He walked away with abundant life, promising humanity that there is hope, victory, and eternity if they surrender to Him.

Dance to Freedom

The seasons have changed, the tide has shifted, and the time to move is near. Allowing yourself to let go and begin again is always hard but within the difficulty, you find true growth and freedom.