Book Review: Transformed – Until Christ is Formed in You

“Until Christ is formed in you” (Galatians 4:19)—it is the heart’s cry of every believer. Bringing tangible application to this benevolent theme, Nate Stevens presents his latest work, Transformed, a 30-day devotional journey toward the goal of Christlikeness.   Each entry features a highlighted Scripture reference, reflection content, and a prayer to solidify the day’s […]

6 Books for 6 Months

During my journey toward God, there were books that found my hands at just the right time. I decided to list some and explain why they helped me.

Lover of Prodigals

How difficult those many long years of waiting for the prodigal son to return must have been for the father, though the actual transformation only took a moment.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This Book!

We are told that we are to have the mind of Christ. We are to strive to be like Jesus. You will never add up by works or seeking holiness on your own, but being satisfied with a mediocre relationship will only lead to destruction.

The Damage Done

The hope we have doesn’t mean we always break free of the coping mechanisms—the hope is that one day, we won’t need them.