Winds of Change

She lifts her hands Extended, palms open-Completely letting go

In This Hour

All is within your power,
and yet, this cup remains;
and so, I beg you
Take this cup from me.

Beautifully Made

Every cell woven in a tapestry of love

It is all a reflection of who you are

Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit as we seek, ask and knock for your presence.

Asking in faith, believing in Your promise, we come with expectation.

Light Just Simply Wins

And I recall the vessel that so comports to darkness — gives it occasion to breathe and occupy.
“The darkness that wins is the one we invited in!”


Overwhelming thoughts bring my mind to surrender

To the garden of my soul, I return, to find my Maker waiting for me.

Love Letter

You anxiously await their response—

Will they care what you have to say?

A Conversation in Redemption

“In my heart I feel that joy and tender move I know so well…
moving moods and welling those rooms of my heart…”

Somebody’s Baby

I hear of those, forgotten behind bars. They were somebody’s baby.

Did their mother caress them, did she hold them tight? They were somebody’s baby.

Glory and Grace

Those sifted will now be shifted into greater realms of glory…bringing their story of glory and grace to a dry and thirsty land

The Father’s Way

Father God, the Creator of all that exists, provides a way. 

With many roads proclaimed, the Father’s way is missed


Two boats… left there.

The Sunflower

There will be times of sunshine and times of rain—we have days, and we have nights, and when we go through each season, we know they will faithfully return.

God, Be Merciful!

I choose a lofty perch,

Above the flow of mercy,

Far from the reach of grace.


Our God is holy and He has called us to be holy. This inspirational poem reminds us of who He is and who we are.

The Refining Fire

In the light beneath the eagle’s wing, I saw a girl coming forth in the light—in freedom. 

Wonder-Working Ones

My wonder-working wonders // make way they’re coming out // with glory, grace, and power // the enemy, they can rout.

Echoes of His Heart Giveaway

With messages of hope, peace, healing, and comfort, this book is an excellent source for growth in your relationship with the Father. 

She’s Tough As Nails

She goes to those places on purpose and she shines. she speaks. she lets a smirk grow across her face because she knows they are powerless against her.

A New Day

Darkness overwhelms me / hide my face, for the night is long / Never losing hope / As I await Your coming dawn. / There – Light breaks forth ahead

May You Find Me

Yet you wash away those walls, Like a flood claiming ground again, You become my hiding place, And my broken heart you mend.