Seek His Face

We discover the truest meaning of love
when we find the One who was sent from above
We are magnetically drawn to His grace and His peace
We’re enamored by the greatness of the One who sets us free

Crazy Amazing Love: 31 Pieces of Love

The concept of sin didn’t even exist yet in the heart or mind of man. Adam was complete. But God gave one simple specification to Adam: do not eat from this particular tree.

Selfless King

Jesus took the time to pray for us before He was betrayed
and then He sacrificed His holy life to take our sins away

The Puzzle

There were no gaps—Jesus filled in each space
His blood was shed so that sin could be forgiven and erased
His holy sacrifice was the piece enabling removal of our sin
Does your puzzle include Jesus? He included you in His!


Do you need to extend forgiveness
to someone who has caused you harm?
Do you need to open up your heart?
Do you need to open up your arms?

Why St. Patrick Would Prefer a Three-Leaf Clover

Saint Patty’s Day is known all across America as another reason to celebrate and wear festive attire. But when the history of a holiday gets shoved to the side, its real meaning gets overlooked, too.


It’s when I finally ran to Him in my weakness 
that He strengthened and delivered me 
He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites
and He made an escape for me


His holy footsteps guide us to the Father’s throne
They illuminate the path that takes us safely home
Do you know the One who says, “Come, Follow Me?”
If not, I encourage you to accept Jesus as your Lord and King

The Negro Speaks of Rivers

I’ve known rivers:
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the
flow of human blood in human veins.

My soul has grown deep like the rivers.

He’s Coming Back

It may not be tomorrow, but it’s a fact He’s coming back
The folded cloth left in His tomb meant exactly that
The Master will return; the King is very near
Are you ready for the day when Jesus Christ appears?

A Year of Mama Jane’s Secret

Chad Norris published his second book Mama Jane’s Secret a year ago on February 13, 2018. And since then, the secret of friendship with God isn’t such a secret anymore.

He Loves Me

Jesus displayed the depth of His love
by taking our sins and making them His
Can you feel the love in His sacrifice?
There is no love greater than this

When Relief Feels Elusive

If you find yourself in a particularly busy season of life, I believe God will give you the grace to handle your responsibilities until the season is over.

Home Run

The Heaviest Hitter that has ever scored
will be announced with a trumpet’s horn
The Greatest Comeback there ever will be
is the Return of Christ, the King of all Kings

Why Do We Fear if God is in Control?

Why do we cling to fear when our loving Father has arms that desire to hold us? Perfect love and trust in our heavenly Father cast out our fears. I’m still learning this and imagine that, in this life, it may always be a struggle, but thankfully my heavenly Father is a gentle and patient teacher.

The Reason for the Season

Jesus isn’t seasonal; He’s meant for all time
He is our spiritual seasoning; He is the Bread of Life
Jesus is the reason for the season, but His season never ends
We either walk with Him in fullness or live with emptiness

Lifetime Sentence

I’ve paid my debt to society
I’ve done the time for my crime
but so many people still hold this debt
with a lifetime sentence over my head


Justice declares that you are valued in His sight
as His heavenly court makes each of your wrongs right
Jesus is your Judge, your Jury, and your very Best Friend
He is Powerful, He is Magnificent—He is the Great I AM

Living with Infant Loss and Learning to Grieve

Jordan Tate’s Just Keep Breathing is one of the most brilliant and tragic books I have ever read. It is powerful in all its gravity. It is beautiful in all its honest pain. Just Keep Breathing will bring you to tears and then dry them with joy.

Restoring Identities With ‘The Dream of You’

The Dream of You is an account of Jo Saxton’s life; there are breathtaking highs, heart-wrenching lows, and melancholy middles. Through her experience, I got to see an unearthing of self, a growing into something beautiful, and an abandoning of old, damaging identities.

Hanging Around Joyful People: An Excerpt from Joy All Around Us

Joyful people are walking “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” mentors without even knowing it. Little things–even big things–don’t get them down or keep them down. Life surely comes with heartaches and challenges, but joyful people rebound quickly.