Chosen Instrument

As snakes shed their covering to produce new growth, scales fell from his eyes, and he was filled with the Holy Ghost.


Jesus is the Savior and the Lover of our souls!

Outstretched Arms

How wide would you open your arms if someone asks how much you love the Lord?

Guiding Light

The Light of the World has come to give us new life and He sends the Holy Spirit as our guiding light.

Corporate Christianity 

Cultures and systems that hijack God’s presence and prevent the Spirit from moving, keep God’s people immature and hinder them from rising into true sonship.

Let Me See the Blueprints

You must not foolishly believe that you can cast a quick glance at the Word of God and instantly know what it takes to build an exceptional life.

Love One Another

We hold the lost and unconverted to a biblical standard they know nothing about while at the same time violating the biblical standard we should know all about.

The Ugly Weed

Without even realizing it, I walked many miles of this journey with a disconnect between my head and my heart.

Waffles and Spaghetti

Men and women are hard-wired differently by their Creator. But different does not mean right or wrong. It just means different.

He Took the Stand

Jesus insured security the day He died upon a tree

Oh, what a Savior we have in Jesus Christ!

Just Not That Into You

I pray the distractions that once pushed You aside

will become less important in our daily lives

and that the things we choose to fill our days

will be things that please You and bring You praise

Love Letter

You anxiously await their response—

Will they care what you have to say?

A Suess Family Christmas

Joy is widely associated with Christmas, particularly because it is the ultimate source of this euphoric state. Our family has fully embraced it, celebrating this most sacred and world-altering day with abundance.