SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Worshiping Through Tragedy – with Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent stepped away from the spotlight to heal after the tragic death of her husband and childhood sweetheart while on a missions trip. That day would change the world forever. That day changed Tammy forever. Tune in for Tammy’s amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in a hopeless situation.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Chasing Wonder with Ginger Stache

Ginger Stache has traveled the world sharing stories of amazing people who have overcome incredible odds, and also is the chief creative officer of Joyce Meyer Ministries. She aims to inspire and encourage women to discover their own adventures, all while chasing wonder at the beauty of God and His creation and plan.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Joyfully Reading the Bible – with Tara-Leigh Cobble

In 2008, through the gentle encouragement of a friend, Tara-Leigh Cobble read all the way through the Bible for the first time. That changed everything, awakening recognition of her need to have others walking closely alongside her in her pursuit of God—people to hold her accountable for scripture memory and Bible reading and all the things that we’re bringing her so much newfound joy!

Finishing Well

In order to give your life meaning, you must have a higher purpose, something that you’re passionate about.

Crave Frozen Deserts – Andy Gauvain AlongTheWay 60

Episode 60 – Join host John Matarazzo with special guest Andy Gauvain for discussion about dreaming with God. Hear Andy’s story of how God has led him and his family to start a business and how even Covid-19 isn’t keeping his dream down.

The Capacity Conundrum

This group of young professionals expressed excitement about the pressure their leadership put on their department to be creative and to innovate.

Blossoming Hearts Studio Art Event

Our monthly event for October will be hosted by Montgomery Grace in Traveler’s Rest on Sat., Oct 19th at 5:30 p.m. Join us for an evening of painting!

Lay Down Your Nets

I was ready for a change in jobs, but was it the right timing? Many months were spent alone face down on the carpet of my bedroom asking for clarity.

Odd Yet Effective Ways To Be More Creative

Creativity is a funny thing. It seems to come and go when it pleases. Sometimes it hits you at the worst times and keeps you awake at night. Being in the business of creativity, I am fascinated by it—where it comes from, how to cultivate it, etc.

I Was Never the Quarterback

Schools highlight quarterbacks to represent athleticism, but He never limits His superstars. God wants all of us out on the field wearing His jersey so that His glory, His creativity can be seen.

The Nicaraguan Carpenter

He made us deeply relational creatures. He created us to be people of the earth, intimately connected to the land we live on and the communities we live in. By staying too busy, we could be failing to live up to the potential fullness of relationships with friends or family.

Learning to Live in Second Place

If someone enthusiastically told you that they’re always coming in second place in everything they do, there’s almost a guarantee that you’d scrunch your eyes in perplexity. You’d probably ask yourself why anyone would be so proud of constantly falling short.

Notes from the Peanut Gallery

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the Peanuts gang from the comics in every Sunday paper, you’re not the only one. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and friends have been stealing the hearts of children and adults alike.