A Spirit of Foolishness

What some have mistakenly called the judgment of God is really Him giving us over to the consequence of our sin.

BLACK AND WHITE: The Solution to Racism

Episode #129 – Denise and intern team member Tabatha sum up the month’s podcasts regarding racism. They discuss aspects of our culture that lead to prejudiced attitudes and promote racism.

BLACK AND WHITE: Exploring the Shame Behind Racism

Episode #128 – In this episode, Denise Pass examines aspects of shame in racism with Shell Singh, ministry team member of Seeing Deep Ministries. Listen in as they discuss racism across different cultures in both biblical times and the present.

A Soul Invasion

We can vote, speak, or preach, but if we have not prepared our hearts what we attempt to accomplish will not have the power of the Spirit behind those efforts.

Coming to a Country Near You

To separate and dehumanize our fellow citizens no matter what the issue is the first step that opens the door to all forms of evil. 

In the Course of Freedom

In the days ahead it will be critical for the Church to emerge from the misguided thinking of social disengagement and isolation.

Defining Heroes

Awakened and observant watchmen are just what we need at this moment of history in our nation and within some sections of the Church.

Something More

This is a moment for the Church to disciple a nation with the application of unvarnished truth.

One Pastor Taking a Stand

Once Esther gathered the whole truth, she realized the necessity of taking a stand, even if it was her death sentence.

Molten Voices

I am beginning to hear voices in pulpits and on the streets rise and speak asking questions about a variety of narratives.

Downstream Thinking

The upstream source of downstream pollutants is where the purity and health of an issue are determined.

Faith and Recourse

Some think a passive leadership role, one without exercising legal recourse, is always the right path to take.

Before It’s Too Late

My dear friends, the enemy is now at our door, in our face, and it has grown out of control.  We cannot afford to continue to look the other way.